If you asked me to name 5 things I love about Starkville, MS on my first day as a student at Mississippi State, I honestly would've just stared at you and drawn a blank. Which naturally I think that's what many people coming from a big town far away would react to that question.

However, now that I've gone to school here for almost 3 years, I've grown such a relationship and love to the little town of Starkville. If you're also having trouble trying to come up with things that attract you to Starkville, just keep reading and I'll help you come up with a couple.

1. Bin 612 Cheese Fries

They say the best way to eat this is with bacon bits on top at midnight on a Saturday night. But in my opinion, these are good at any point of the day on any day of the week. They're a sure restaurant that you need to try.

2. Noxubee Refuge

If you know Starkville, you know the Refuge. It's a place where people go to get away on any day of the week. If you're lucky you may even see a couple alligators while you're there.

3. Crawfish

Although crawfish is a seasonal item and doesn't become available all year around, when it is in season you better snatch it up. Starkville has stands, gas stations and restaurants to offer you crawfish at so many locations. Often times during the spring you'll find many fraternities and sororities have crawfish parties as well.

4. Southern Manners

Come to Mississippi, Starkville in fact, and you will meet some of the kindest and most mannerly people you didn't even know existed. It's just a southern thing.

5. Mississippi State University

Of course this had to be mentioned because it is my home, and home to thousands of other students. MSU is a place that I will always and forever hold dear to my heart.