5 Things Every Junior In College Thinks During Syllabus Week
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5 Things Every Junior In College Thinks During Syllabus Week

Becoming an upperclassmen is exciting yet terrifying.

5 Things Every Junior In College Thinks During Syllabus Week
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Starting junior year, means you are now starting your upperclassmen college career. This is equally exciting as it is terrifying. It's hard to believe that you are now halfway closer to adulthood, especially since your first two years of college seemed to fly by. Here are five things that every junior in college thinks during their Fall syllabus week.

1. "I feel old."

Walking around campus on my first day of junior year made me feel old. This is because of all of the freshman with their extra enthusiasm and eager smiles on their face. The influx of new, young faces around campus made me reminisce on my first day of college. Then I realized that wasn't just last year, but two whole years ago- it's insane how fast time flies and how fast you become old.

2. "I'm halfway done."

This thought both excites me and makes me sad- mainly sad. My two previous years in college have been years of personal, intellectual, and social growth, which I wish I could relive again. Not because I would want to re-do anything, but I would want to simply live through those two years again because they were a lot of fun and the memories I made will always be close to my heart. Knowing that my college years are halfway over makes me want to live my next two years to the fullest.

3. "I have to perfect my resumé."

With imminent adulthood looming over my head, I have a sudden urge to put my resumé in order. I was involved with extracurricular campus activities during my underclassmen time in college. Now that I only have two years left before I graduate, it sparked a fire within me to really get my resumé together and become involved in more extracurriculars. Since in two years, I will have to set myself apart from job competition.

4. "Why are the freshman scared to ask for directions?"

Every fall syllabus week, you can catch a glimpse of a freshman looking completely lost within a sea of their fellow students. They don't ask anyone to point them in the right direction. I get it, being a freshman at a large university is intimidating. The majority of your peers are older than you, and the freshmen had spent their last 4 years in high school where the oldest students are 18 or 19. In college they can be as old as 24 or 25. Honestly freshman, if you ask an older student for directions to your class, they will be glad to give you directions. It's more embarrassing to stand there confused.

5. "Can I be a freshman again?"

Freshman year of college is full of firsts: first time living away from your parents, first time grocery shopping for yourself, first time being away from your high school friends (in my case), and first time having to manage your time all on your own. I love change and I love "firsts" so freshman year was very exciting for me. I loved branching out and making new friends and being in a completely new surrounding. Freshman year is a year of new and excitement. I wish I could live it over again, but I wouldn't change a single thing.

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