5 Lessons From 'Homeland's Season 6 Premiere

5 Lessons From 'Homeland's Season 6 Premiere

Important things from the premiere of Homeland

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Homeland premiered last sunday for it's 6th season on Showtime. The premier, started a new era within the show. With that, There are 5 cruicial things to take from the premier.

1. Quinn is in rough shape:

Peter Quinn, begins the season in recovery in the V.A. Hospital. He is clearly struggling with personal deamons and a drug habit. Most importantly though, He is struggling to adjust to life outside of the CIA and even mentioned that he might have PTSD.

2. Carrie is successful outside of the CIA:

Carrie Mattheson, is back in America and working a successful career in the private sector. She appears to be still working for Otto, but her current venture appears to be more legal related than her previous work.

3. Sekou Bah:

This season, brings us a brand new character Sekou Bah, who looks like he will provide an interesting plot development to the season. This Character is being given legal help by Carrie and her team after being arrested on Domestic Terrorism charges by the FBI.

4. Saul is lost:

Saul is really struggling without Carrie around. He's being fazed out by Dar Adal and the rest of the CIA. I have a feeling this will be an interesting season for Saul.

5. Dar Adal is still sketchy:

Nothing new here, Dar Adal has always been a bit of a sketchball but the premier only solidified that there are some questionable things going on in the CIA. For one, the show ends with a meeting that Dar intentionally kept Saul out of. He makes agreements to start a co-op before the new president steps in. I have a feeling it is going to be a crazy season.

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