5 HGTV Shows That Are Good For Your Soul And Your DIY Dreams
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5 HGTV Shows That Are Good For Your Soul And Your DIY Dreams

From 'Fixer Upper' to 'House Hunters International,' HGTV has it all.

5 HGTV Shows That Are Good For Your Soul And Your DIY Dreams

HGTV has a plethora of shows that will keep you entertained for hours. From house tours in the Caribbean to ski chalets in Switzerland, you will be amazed.

These shows not only entertain the viewer but also serve as inspiration, encouraging homeowners to spruce up their own space! A lot of these shows have tips and tricks online, so you can see how to do something yourself.

On HGTV you can see beach houses, lake houses, downtown penthouses, and seriously every other piece of real estate imaginable. This network allows real-life people to have an inside look at this exclusive market, and some spaces you would never see otherwise!

Alongside luxury real estate, HGTV showcases beautiful properties that are in many people's real-life budgets. It's fun to watch and know what you could get for the price of your home in another city. These shows are the perfect way for you to get your home fix without breaking the bank.

1. 'Fixer Upper.'

Any true lover of HGTV knows that Chip and Jo hold the HGTV crown. They have gained so much love from viewers by capturing our hearts with their charming personalities. Even though they are leaving HGTV, I don't think this is the last we will be seeing of these two.

2. 'House Hunters International.'

'House Hunters International' is so fun to watch because you get to see what it is like to live in a country so different from your own. You're able to go to Paris, Vietnam, Australia, Florence- all on the same night, without ever even leaving your couch! Also watching this will make you realize how good we have it with our home amenities in America.

3. 'Love it or List it.'

Alongside getting to see real-life houses transformed into dream homes, the audience gets to see the banter between Hilary and David, which is enough to keep the show going on its own. These two are a smash hit together, and you can tell they actually are good friends under the jabs at each other.

4. 'My Lottery Dream Home.'

This show is fun because you can imagine what kind of house you would buy if you won the lottery. It is cool getting to see people winning the lottery, and using it to buy a big ole mansion, which is seriously the dream. Like that is what everyone dreams of is winning the lottery and being boujee af.

5. .Property Brothers.'

Last but certainly not least, 'Property Brothers.' The brotherly bond and twin rivalry make for fantastic content. Jonathan and Drew Scott are hilarious and have an eye for homes. Honestly, 'Property Brothers' is probably one of the most underrated shows on the network.

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