I know everyone has their favorite comfort foods. Any food can be made a comfort food; pizza, tacos, fries. Comfort foods are the foods you go to for, well, comfort. They make you happy. Make you feel good inside. Mine is carbs. Any kind of carbs. Pasta, pizza, bread… ANY carbs.

I've always wanted to find comfort foods that weren't that bad for you. Pizza that wasn't full of calories, pasta that wasn't full of carbs. Any of my favorite comfort foods that wouldn't break the belt. This is when I stumbled upon some recipes on Pinterest, some of which I'd like to share…

1. Greek Yogurt Mac 'N' Cheese

For my pasta and cheese loving friends, have I got a recipe for you. With just pasta, cheese, greek yogurt, spinach, and some seasonings, this is a GREAT healthier comfort food recipe. Add some extra veggies to give it a little more pizazz.

You can find the full recipe here.

2. Cauliflower Pizza

Okay, now I know this one doesn't seem that great seeing as it has the word “cauliflower" in it, but I promise, its good. They're simple, and lower in calories and carbs than regular crust. I've made cauliflower crust pizza before and while I haven't made this specific recipe, it is VERY similar to ones I have used that are really, really good.

You can find the full recipe here.

3. Spinach and Artichoke Grilled Cheese

A grilled cheese is the ULTIMATE comfort food. I love me a good, cheesy, gooey grilled cheese just as much as the next person. This recipe is gold, spinach and artichoke dip on bread? I'll take two, please. And the recipe is as easy as it sounds, too.

You can find the full recipe here.

4. Chocolate Cake

If you're anything like me, you love a good cake here and there. This cake is made with bananas, greek yogurt, peanut butter, and some other good ingredients that when mixed together for a delicious, chocolatey blend of goodness. You can also make a version of this in mug, all you need is a banana, an egg, and some cocoa powder.

You can find the full recipe here.

5. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love cookies. They're small, portable, and delicious. My mom has always made the best chocolate chip cookies around and I swear I could eat fifteen in one sitting. Although fantastic, I've always wanted ones that were a little bit better for you. I starting fooling around with some different recipes and I came across this one. I love peanut butter and I love chocolate. Why not mix them?

You can find the recipe here.