5 Headlines From The 2016 Election You Thought Were Fake
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5 Headlines From The 2016 Election You Thought Were Fake

But weren't...

5 Headlines From The 2016 Election You Thought Were Fake

1. When the Clinton Campaign Attempted to Paint Her as "Your" Abuela

As if Clinton wasn't getting enough scrutiny for "trying too hard" to appeal to minorities, this article seems to sum up those criticisms. The article was attacked and analyzedall over the internet. The piece, posted by hillaryclinton.com was a "listicle" that resembled the structure of a BuzzFeed article (another, genius attempt to appeal to the youths.) I highly recommend checking out this piece for what could honestly be a spin-off of a Saturday Night Live skit.

2. That Time Bernie Sanders Hadn't Been Notified About NYC Metro Cards...

The native Brooklynite himself was caught in an awkward situation leading up to the New York Primary. In an interview with the Daily News, when addressing the NYC subway he explained, "You get a token and you get in," to which the interviewer responded, "Wrong."

This is hilarious. Bernie Sanders sounds as though he hasn't left New York, and honestly, he's resembling more and more of my elderly New York relatives by the day. Tokens haven't been used for entry into the subway since 2003. Oh Bernie...

2. When We All Found Out Hillary's Got Hot Sauce In Her Bag...

A few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton appeared on the radio program, "The Breakfast Club Power" in which she was asked what she always carries around in her bag and Clinton replied, "hot sauce." This was days following Beyonce's release of her new album "Lemonade" in which she sings the famous words, "I've got hot sauce in my bag" in the song "Formation."

3. When Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren Got Into A Twitter War...

Closely mirroring the recent Kanye West vs. Wiz Khalifa Twitter fight, Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren have plunged into their own messy feud over the interweb. Although unlike the two rappers listed above, Elizabeth Warren, one of the most high profile and respected Democrats in the Senate, has engaged the Donald in an altercation that many would believe to be not worth her time. What's more amusing in my opinion is that Elizabeth Warren's Twitter followers definitely have no idea what a twitter war is and now have been introduced to the concept so get ready for a bunch of your New England grandparents engaged in some fiery internet fights.

4. When Ted Cruz Dropped Out Of The Presidential Race and Then Punches His Wife By Accident...

Yep, that's no article from the Onion, following Ted Cruz's announcement to withdraw from the race, he went to hug his dad and repeatedly elbowed his wife and... punched her in the face. If Ted Cruz isn't hated enough by literally everyone, this sealed the deal. It summed up his irksome personality in one painful moment of awkwardness.

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