5 Great Things To Do In Nashville, Tennessee

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Nashville, Tennessee. I was very fortunate for the chance to go because it is not often that a girl who grew up in the suburbs can take a weekend trip to Nashville. I have never been to Tennessee before so I was excited for what it had to offer.The purpose of my weekend getaway was to go to a student leadership and student activities conference for one of the organizations that I am involved in at my school.

We had a very busy schedule, but it was flexible at times and allowed us to explore for a couple hours a day. The following places are some of my favorite places that we visited.

1. Visit the Hatch Show Print shop

This place has so many cool prints that you can buy! They make great wall decor and comes in various sizes!

2. Eat at BB King's

Although it was a bit difficult to get in at first, I am extremely glad to have enjoyed the food that is served here. It was delicious and it was neat to eat and enjoy live music! Let's just say that I was full for the entire 8-hour trip back to campus.

3. Visit the Parthenon

Okay so I just love to travel and one place that is on my "must visit" list is Greece. In Athens, Greece sits the Parthenon and Nashville has the advantage of having a full-sized replica in town!! I loved the structure so much and admired the architecture of it. This by far was one of my favorite visits on the trip because who wouldn't want to "visit Greece" while in the United States.

4. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame

I know absolutely nothing about country music but I know that Nashville is known for it. I felt like the right thing to do was to visit the hall of fame and take a look at all of the cool things there. I definitely had to take advantage of the opportunity and would recommend anyone who visits Nashville to check it out.

5. Explore downtown Nashville

There were so many cool shops downtown. We found quite a few shops that sold cool signs and posters. Most importantly we found a candy shop that sold the best gelato and ice cream. Let's just say I had to eat ice-cream every time we went downtown!

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