5 Great Remixes To Listen to Over Spring Break
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5 Great Remixes To Listen to Over Spring Break

Each of these remixes might have you liking them more than the originals...

5 Great Remixes To Listen to Over Spring Break

1. "Don't Let Me Down (feat. Daya)" Illenium Remix

I honestly hated the original song until I heard this remix. Illenium's sampling of Daya's vocals serve as a perfect buildup for the drop and, in my opinion, his drop beats out the original's.

2. "Kids" by MGMT Luca Lush Remix

This is another song that I really did not like that much, but I love this remix. Luca Lush has his own unique sound and his remixes are easily distinguishable. Luca Lush truly remade the song with his remix and made a track that anyone would love listening to.

3. "Shape Of You" by Ed Sheeran T-Mass Remix

I love Ed Sheeran's new album and T-Mass' remix of "Shape Of You" is crazy different from Ed Sheeran's original. T-Mass adds some trap elements and makes "Shape Of You" into a dance song and you can't help but nod your head along while you're listening. It's definitely worth a listen.

4. "TRNDSTTR" by Black Coast Lucian Remix

This remix is an oldie but a goodie. I don't think there's anyone who uses Soundcloud who hasn't heard this remix yet. This remix takes the track faster than the original. It's the little ornaments here and there that Lucian puts in that make this remix so unique. You can tell that every little placement of each sound is intentional and every time I listen to this remix I hear something new that I didn't hear before.

5. "Impression of You (feat. Patrick Baker)" by Giraffage & Viceroy Electric Mantis Remix

I heard this remix before I heard the original and I loved the remix so much that I fell in love with the original too. Electric Mantis' sampling and continuation of musical phrases throughout the track create a feeling of continuity while differentiating his remix completely from the original.

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