We are slowly (but surely) getting closer to summer! The weather is getting nicer, the pants are getting shorter, the sunshine is coming out. With that here are five (super amazing) things to look forward to for this upcoming summer.

1. Friends.

The hands-down best things about summer are the fact that for the first time in the year, you and your friends are in the same place again, and that you all can go back to hanging out all the time and soaking in the sun.

My best friend and I go to schools in the same state, just about as far away as possible, but I rarely get to see her which makes the rest of the year harder. BUT as soon as summer comes around then I go back to see her every single day and I love love love it.

2. Campfires.

There is nothing that soothes the soul like a good campfire, surrounded by great friends and some amazing snacks. The feeling that comes from a good night with the stars and some good laughs makes the rest of the year worth it.

Plus Smores are an amazing invention, and they go hand in hand with a good campfire!

3. A chance to relax.

You go to school/work/whatever all year long, and you are tired. Summer brings a time for people to relax, start anew, go to the beach, and finally let their hair down.

As we enter spring, the sun is shining, small tastes of summer come every now again, and we are able to start to see how amazing and relaxing this summer could be.

4. Summer Jobs.

Some of the most fun and amazing people that I have met in my life are from the places that I worked during my summer jobs. Summer allows college students (in my case) to work in a fun, upbeat, and temporary places with other college-aged kids who just want to enjoy their time home, but also need a little bit of cash to have that fun.

If I could recommend to all college students to look for something to do in the summer, work, volunteer, VOLUNTEER, and or help out with local organizations in your town. You will make an amazing difference!

5. Catching up on life.

Whether or not you are catching up on Netflix, friendships, work, sleep, or socializing summer is the time for you to finally catch up on your stuff.

There is nothing better than catching up on everything that you have had to miss out on for the past year, you'll feel better, more relaxed, and be happier!

With all of this being said, make your list and see what you are looking forward to most during your summer break. Enjoy!