5 Things We Did As Freshmen In College

They say it’s “different” in college, and that no one judges you by what grade you’re in, but this statement is completely inaccurate. Freshmen will always be freshmen. Freshmen will always be hated by everyone else. Freshmen will always do embarrassing things. We just don’t know. Being a freshman is rough, and everyone has to go through it. I’m in no way making fun of them; I did every one of these things on this list, and now looking back at it, I realize how much of a freshman I was. Here are five things that freshmen in college do.

1. Use a lanyard to hold their keys and student ID

This is a classic freshman move. I did this the first two weeks of school until I realized it was a dead giveaway of how much of a rookie I was.

2. Feel the need to go to every single party they get the address to

You feel like you’re never going to get the chance to go to a party again, so you must go out every chance you get the opportunity. Also, this freedom is new to you, so you get a little too excited that you can go out whenever you want.

3. Go to those events on campus that no one goes to

Going to Bingo Night on campus is not a good idea.

4. Go to every sporting event on campus.

“Let’s go to the bowling match!”

5. Buy an excessive amount of college gear

Do you really need a hat, shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, bumper sticker, coffee mug and magnet of your school?

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