5 Mistakes Made When Choosing Foundation Makeup

5 Mistakes Made When Choosing Foundation Makeup

Never buy the wrong formula again.

Finding the perfect foundation is one of the most difficult and exhausting challenges in makeup. To make the hunt easier, here are five common mistakes people make when they’re trying to find the right match:

5. Testing the foundation on the hand, or anywhere but the face

When choosing a foundation, what better way to try it out than testing it on the face? This may seem like a no-brainer, but some people think a swatch on the wrist is the same as the neck or cheek. The face is naturally a different shade than the rest of the body and tends to be lighter, depending on skincare regimen. A lot of the time, skin is lightened through the use of intensive acne treatments. As a result, a perfect match on the hand won’t be right for the face. When searching for foundation, go to the store barefaced and sample the product on the cheek and neck to see if the shade is right for you.

4. Forgetting to take into account if skin is oily or dry

Foundation comes in all kinds of textures and forms. In order to find the correct formula, it’s important to take note of how the face produces oil. When foundation sits on the face throughout an entire workday, the skin will react accordingly. An oily face will need a formula that controls and absorbs. A dry face produces excess oil that will make the forehead, cheeks and chin shine. If skin is oily, control the shine by using an oil free formula. If skin is dry, find a foundation with moisture retaining ingredients, like seaweed, silk particles, or encapsulated water.

3. Not allowing the foundation to oxidize

Once the formula is spread and distributed onto the face, it needs time to oxidize. This means that the foundation is adjusting to oxygen exposure, as well as the body heat radiating from the face. Sometimes, this will cause the foundation to turn an orange hue or to darken in shade. Before purchasing a foundation, ask for a sample to wear out for a day and see what happens after oxidizing. This is also helpful in testing out coverage and seeing how long-lasting the formula is.

2. Choosing one shade for all times of the year

As the seasons change, skin tones change. In the summertime, it’s easy to get dark and tan. That means the foundation bought around Christmastime won’t cut it. To keep your face and body the same color throughout the year, choose a foundation for the colder months and another shade for the warmer months.

1. Failing to realize that the forehead tends to be darker than the rest of the face

Just like the face is lighter than the rest of the body, the forehead is darker than the rest of the face (annoying and confusing, I know). This is due to the forehead receiving the most amount of sun exposure. This can be fixed with a slightly darker shade of foundation that matches the forehead and blends seamlessly into the cheekbones and face. Or, use a contour kit to balance it out by taking a darker shade and buffing it onto the forehead.

Forget wasting money on the wrong foundation. Follow these tips and find the perfect match!

Cover Image Credit: MAC Cosmetics

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Because everyone wants free stickers.

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It is very easy process. A lot of stickers you can just fill out a form online, some you have to mail in an envelope but I am not about that life so I just stick with the online ones. If there is not an online form, you can always use customer service and email them with a nice couple of sentences. The people who respond are always friendly and most of the time they will happily send you some. Don't be afraid to email them. Just remember, it's for dope free stickers!

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To All Of You Bottled Water Snobs, It's Time To Ditch The Plastic

The Earth will thank you for it.

After taking a course on corporate social responsibility and sustainability this semester, I am now filled to the brim with all sorts of knowledge about our Earth and what we, as consumers, can do to help save it. Something that really stuck with me was how many plastic water bottles we consume on a daily basis.

I was definitely one of those water snobs that would never drink tap water. I only drank bottled water and was very set in my ways about it. I would rather be thirsty than consume tap water.

Wow did this class change my mind about that.

Here are five reasons you should NOT consume bottled water:

1. It's probably just tap water, anyways.

Most bottled water companies do not have any specification purification standards, which means, in most cases, you usually are just drinking bottled tap water. It has actually been shown that approximately 40 percent of bottled water comes from the city and municipal water reserves.

2. 50 billion.

Every year Americans use about 50 billion plastic water bottles. On average we only recycle about 23%, meaning 38 million water bottles are wasted every year. This is completely unsustainable. Plastic water bottles are filling our landfills, our oceans, and our water supply. Our Earth can't take much more of this pollution.

3. 190,000 homes.

The energy that is wasted in creating and distributing bottled water is enough to power 190,000 homes. Think of all the people in poverty that could be helped by the sort of resources the bottled water manufacturing wastes.

4. Human rights.

Peter Brabeck, current Chairman and former CEO of Nestle, has said that water is not a human right and that he supports its privatization. Privatization, for those wondering, means that there is a right to buy or sell something to the highest bidder. This means that while California was in a serious drought and covered in wildfires, Nestle had no problem continuously pumping water out of those neighborhoods.

5. Cost alone.

Americans spend about $16 billion a year on bottled water. A reusable water bottle runs about $15-20. I just cannot justify spending money weekly on plastic water bottles when I can simply buy a reusable water bottle one time and never have to worry about it again.

Overall, despite what your reasoning is for drinking bottled water, one should really do some more research to make sure that what you are supporting is actually worth supporting. With just a little digging, many of the companies I thought were solid actually made decisions that were mind-boggling.

Spend the $15 and invest in a good reusable water bottle, the Earth will thank you for it.

Cover Image Credit: Youtube

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