Georgia. What a quaint little place filled with wonderful people, great times and country music. If I still lived there I would probably be a different person than I am today. It’s true when people say living down south is extremely different than living up north. Different mannerisms different ways of talking, just different everything. It’s hard to explain and if you’ve only lived up north I can’t say you’d understand but I’ll try my best to get you to. One of my favorite things about living down south definitely had to be the food. It will forever be in my heart.

  1. The famous Chick-fil-A that just became known upstate in NYC and is very popular mostly for their chicken sandwich. They “didn't invent the chicken just the chicken sandwich”. But my personal favorite is the chicken nuggets.
  2. Brewster is one so many do not know about. It was an ice cream shop about 15 mins from my house and they had flavors from cotton candy all the way to purple dinosaur (my sisters favorite), funny name but great ice cream.
  3. Waffle House: waffles all day ? what. Although I know IHOP has their fair share of breakfast food as well, the waffles at The Waffle House are hard to beat with their variety of toppings. They also offer a wide variety of hash brown delights and lets face it no one in the south can beat good old fashioned grits.
  4. Long Horn: steak, mashed potatoes and all that good stuff. There is nothing like Long Horn and I am happy people are finally coming to their senses and bringing them up north.
  5. Steak and Shake: By the name you may think you know what on the entire menu but there's so much more. One of the last times I went to Steak and Shake, which no seems like forever ago I had this huge bowl of chili with fresh onions and cheddar cheese, with sour cream. They have so many fresh burgers to choose from. The variety is endless with burgers that have fried eggs on them to burgers that have guac on them! And the Shakes are phenomenal they have Smore’s , Caramel Apple, Black Rasberry, Nutella, Chocolate Covered Strawberry and even more!!

So if you ever down south or live in the south be sure to visit these fabulous restaurants!(:

You won’t regret it!!