5 facts about penguins

Here are 5 facts about Penguins that you probably didn't know!

There are 17 species of Penguins

In case you were wondering (because I know you were) here's the list of all 17 species in alphabetical order.

1. Adelie penguins

2.African penguins

3.Chinstrap penguins

4.Emperor penguins

5.Erect-crested penguins

6.Fiordland penguins

7.Galapagos penguins

8.Gentoo penguins

9.Humboldt penguins

10.King penguins

11.Little (Blue) penguins

12.Macaroni penguins

13.Magellanic penguins

14.Rockhopper penguins

15.Royal penguins

16.Snares penguins

17.Yellow-eyed penguins

The tallest penguin is the Emperor Penguin standing at 4 feet tall

To put four feet into perspective for everyone out there who needs a visual. A mailbox is just under four feet tall when posted into the ground. 6 pencils stacked on top of each other is about four feet also. Four feet is about a foot shorter than celebrities Shakira, Dolly Parton and "Snooki."

Male penguins incubate the eggs

Unlike humans, male penguins will go and care for the egg while the female goes out and hunts for food.

All penguins are found in the Southern Hemisphere

Next time someone tries to tell you that polar bears and penguins live together, ignore them. Penguins live in the southern hemisphere while polar bears live in the northern. Also, put your childhood mind away because polar bears and penguins are not friends, they live in different hemispheres!

They don't rely on blubber for warmth

Most sea mammals rely on their blubber to keep warm but penguins rely on their feathers. Their feathers trap heat and keeps their bodies warm.

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