5 Ways That A Dog's Love Is Unconditional
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5 Ways That A Dog's Love Is Unconditional

Be the person that your dog thinks you are.

5 Ways That A Dog's Love Is Unconditional
Vet Street

Dogs have a special way of making a home in our hearts. One of the biggest blessings in life comes in a fluffy, furry package. Big or small, our four-legged friends already know the most important lesson in life: to love. Dogs love in a manner that's unconditional and without limitations. As human beings, we have a lot to learn from this lesson that our dogs live out daily.

1. They are always there to listen.

No matter how bad your day is, your dog is always there to lend an ear. They’ll listen intently and look up at you with their big, wet eyes full of understanding, as if they have years of wisdom to offer you through those eyes. Comfort comes in the form of nose nudges and sloppy kisses. Honestly, is there any better form of reassurance than that?

2. Even when you leave, they never hold a grudge.

As human beings, we are always coming and going. Unfortunately, our dogs can not always come with us. Maybe it's just a trip to the store or perhaps it’s going away to school. Our dogs do not know why we are leaving or when we'll be back. Our lives are so busy and we can only wish they could understand. No matter how long we're gone, our dogs are always there with a wagging tail when we return. They never hold it against us, and only greet us with happiness and love. You definitely know that they missed you.

3. You are their main priority.

Sometimes in our busy lives, our attention is spread very thin among many different outlets. Occasionally, we can lose sight of the little things, like the love and attention our dogs always have to offer us. When things that can be so temporary take priority in our lives, our dogs still view us as their #1. Even when they're not ours. Especially when we forget to let them outside…it’s not their fault they had to do their business in the house, right?

4. They always see the best in you.

Maybe you failed a test. Maybe you got dumped. Or maybe your life is just not going the way you want it to. But guess what? Your dog thinks you walk on water. They would do anything for you at any moment of the day. They see us at our very worst. Even when you may be at your very lowest, your dog thinks you are worth more than diamonds. If only dogs could talk.

5. Their affection is unwavering.

Even though our dogs may not be here with us for long, they love us with their whole heart. There is just something about those early morning cuddles and those happy wagging tales that are a constant reminder that they appreciate us. People will always be coming and going from our lives, and someday our dogs will go, too. But in the amount of time that they are here, their admiration and adoration for us never sways. The truth is, our dogs love us more than they love themselves, and this is a valuable lesson that we can all take to heart.

They are not just our pets. They're our best friends, our strongest confidants, our late night movie buddies, but most importantly: our family.

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