5 Eligible Royals Every Girl Needs To Know
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5 Eligible Royals Every Girl Needs To Know

Ladies, this may be your ticket out!

5 Eligible Royals Every Girl Needs To Know
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Well, it looks like America is going to be receiving its first Princess. With the new engagement of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle, all of the single ladies in the US seem to be on the hunt for the next available prince. Though the struggle to marry an heir to the British throne is prevalent, there are plenty of eligible royals waiting on your love in other countries. Ladies, here are 5 of the world's sexiest eligible royals!

1. King Leruo Molotlegi of The Royal Bafokeng Nation

King Leruo Molotlegi is 48 years old and is currently the 36th King of The Royal Bafokeng Nation, which is located in the Northwest region of the Republic of South Africa. King Leruo is tall, dark, and handsome. Plus, his nation is located in a super innovative and luxurious area. Don't forget, HE'S A KING...which would make you his QUEEN...LITERALLY! DING, DING, DING, you have won the lotto!

2. Crown Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah of Jordan

Crown Prince Hussein is currently 23 years old and graduated from Georgetown University in 2016. Hussein is the son of King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan. Since he is the immediate heir to the throne, Hussein will be first in line to take over his father's role as King of Jordan. Also, Hussein is great with children and offers gorgeous hazel eyes that will bring any woman instant comfort. With his dazzling smile, Prince Hussein will have you ready to say "I do," in an instant.

3. Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark

Prince Philippos of Denmark is 31 years of age and also a graduate of Georgetown University. Philippos was born in the United Kingdom and studied in the US for college. Therefore, Philippos is well-versed in all things modern culture for all of you single ladies in the US and UK. Besides his charming good looks, Philippos is the son of Queen Anne-Marie of Greece and Constantine II of Greece. However, since Phillipos has a sister, he may not become King anytime soon, but hey; at least he's hot and a PRINCE!

4. Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei

Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei is such a catch (to say the least)! This Asian sensation is glorified by women across the globe. Though the Prince is obviously gorgeous, he is, unfortunately, the 10th child of his parents which means his chance of becoming King are highly unlikely. However, that doesn't matter when he is 26, athletic, plays guitar, and loves cats! And girls, Prince Abdul is still searching for his dreamgirl!

5. Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg

This 25 year-old stud is the Prince of a gorgeous castle. As the Prince of Luxemborg, Sebastien has experience with fulfilling the needs of his people which means that he will care for any woman in his life. However, he is the youngest of five children and will have a long time to wait until he becomes King...if ever. But Sebastian is handsome, charming, kind, and well-educated!

There you go ladies! 5 young and sexy royals that are in need of a bride. Now, don't wait too long to reach out to these eligible bachelors' it would suck for someone else to take your man. So, get those plane tickets and travel plans in tact and go get your man gurl! When he proposes, make sure to send me an invitation!

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