5 Easy Ways To Save Money As A College Student

"I'm Broke Again" seems to be the mantra of many college students these days. It isn't easy to find a job, and it isn't easy to balance school and work when you have one. So, here are some tips for students who choose not to work during the school year.

1. Save ALL change.

Pennies and all, change goes a long way. If you keep some sort of piggy bank or jar where you can put all loose change in, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars. Half a year of saving change for me was well over $100 dollars.

2. Take a specific amount of money out of summer paychecks each week for savings.

Working in the summer, you might feel like taking all that money and using it on fun summer events, concerts, and even vacations. However, it is important that you put part of your paycheck into savings each time you receive one because this can be your spending money for the following school year! If you try to stay away from eating out and mall shopping sprees during the summer, you might even be able to save half of your paycheck to savings and keep the other half for spending.

3. Use cash as an advantage.

Instead of using a debit card everywhere you go, take out the cash you know you will need for the day or week, and use that instead. That way, you will not be tempted to spend more money than you need to.

4. Make lists when going shopping.

They say never go grocery shopping hungry, and I say never go without a list either! When you make a random trip to the store, it is likely you will spend all your money on snacks and little things you really didn't need. A list keeps you on track and helps you avoid wasting all your money.

5. Clean out your closet, and sell everything!

This one makes a huge difference. As a college student, there are so many resources around you to sell your clothes, shoes, and accessories. You can even sell room decor, phone cases, textbooks, and electronics. Do a huge spring clean out, and post all your goodies on Facebook for friends to buy. You will be surprised how quickly these items will go.

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