If you've ever been taught anything about witchcraft you've probably heard of the law of three. If not that's perfectly fine, but perk up cause this is just plain good life advice. Anything you put out into this world good or bad comes back to you three times over. This being said, the sigma on witchcraft being 'evil' confuses me. People just don't hear about how witchcraft is actually practiced. It's used to help the people around you and gain personal enlightenment. Rarely is a witch heard of doing magic that would be deemed 'dark.' The belief systems people have set in place are all unique and wonderful. That's why I decided to list some of the most popular sect's of the craft people practice around the world.

1. Eclectic Witch

An Eclectic witch will study different traditions and rituals from all types of the craft. They embody a practice that is suited to the individuals specific interests and needs. They do not follow any particular sect of witchcraft, but instead make their own beliefs based on the parts of the craft the resonate with most. For instance two eclectic witches can meet and have completely different belief system because they are set up by the individual.

2. Kitchen Witch

You can often times find kitchen witches making delicious meals that satiate the soul as well as the taste buds. They use magic in both their every day life as well as in cooking, turning crock-pots into modern day cauldrons. They specialize in herbal knowledge and the nature of plant based magic.

3. Elemental Witch

Witches that could be considered 'elemental' normally specialize in one of the four elements; fire, air, water, and earth. In covens calling the corners also comes with the calling of the elements that coincide. In certain belief systems a fifth element is also involves; the spirit element. Although other belief systems work more closely with the spirit world. Elemental witches learn to hone skills related to the element they feel closest to,or in some cases all the elements combined.

4. Hedge Witches

People who classify themselves as hedge witches maintain a solitary practice. They don't seek out covens and rarely participate in rituals. They tend to focus more on self reflection within the craft and making themselves stronger as a person. They are quite similar to shamans in many aspects. They both consider themselves to be able to walk the veil surrounding this world and the next, making them great healers. The 'hedge' part of the name comes from that belief. Hedges use to be used in villages to separate the civilized town from the wild. Much like hedges would exist in both civilization and the wild, a hedge witch exists both here and in the beyond at once.

5.Green witch

Green witches base their belief system on the largely on the earth and mother nature. They do their spells or rituals out in the woods and fields around their home. They often use the elements around them in their practice to create less waste. You can expect most of these witches to have a garden of some type in or around there home. Green witches also tend to have a large knowledge of herbal magic and flower magic making their plants a spectacular sight.