As if living on our own for the first time wasn’t hard enough, we are now held responsible for everything. Going to college means transporting your life into a 10X10 foot dorm room, and hoping all of your belongings make it. One would think that since your room is so small, it would be hard to lose things, but that is an incorrect assumption.

As a person who is very on top of things, I find myself misplacing my items all the time. After talking it over with my friends, I noticed that this was a reoccurring theme for college students.

Here are some of the most misplaced items in a college students life.

1. Headphones

Are they in my backpack? Did I leave them in the library? Did I wear them to class? I face these questions probably four times a day. For some reason, headphones are always missing, but eventually turn up somewhere, usually tangled into a ball. I can only imagine that the case of the missing headphones only is enhanced by the new apple, wireless headphones that are legitimately miniature and made to be lost.

2. Charger

Whether it be an iPhone charger or a computer charger, these things are always MIA. Sometimes, I leave my room in the morning, and unplug my phone, and come back and it is gone. What happens is I either bring the charger with me without realizing it, or the wire gets lost behind my bed. Either way, the idea of an uncharged phone with no charger to juice it up is terrifying.

3. Key fob

Many sorority houses and apartment buildings use these as keys for their rooms. Girls have thought of the genius idea of putting your fob on a hair tie and keeping that hair tie around your wrist. But this plan is all but foolproof, where do you put the hair tie when you take a shower or go to sleep? This is when these keys go missing.

The result: being locked out of your house or room and knowing that anyone might fight in and be able to stroll right into your room.

4. Notebook

For some reason, right before you need that certain notebook for class, it always seems to go missing. Did you leave it in the library? Probably not. Why is it under your bed? No one knows, but this is what seems to always go on.

Helpful tip: keep your notebooks in one designated area, this way you’ll avoid scrambling right before you already dreaded 9 a.m.

5. Mind

And finally, college students can often be found losing their minds. After countless hours in the library, all-nighters studying, and never-ending work, it is inevitable for us to keep sane. College may be great, but it comes with a lot of breakdowns.

Unfortunately for us, there is no easy way to un-lose your mind, but I guess that’s what break it for.