5 Christmas Gifts Every College Student Wants
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5 Christmas Gifts Every College Student Wants

Gifts that would make any college student happy.

5 Christmas Gifts Every College Student Wants
Inatel Turismo

As we get older, it gets harder and harder to find us Christmas presents. Here are 5 ideas for the college students in your life.

1. Food

At school, we are forced to eat school food everyday if we don't want to spend the extra money on groceries. Snacks are a great stocking stuffer for any student who lives on a college campus.

2. Fuzzy socks

Dorm rooms get cold, especially with the tile floors. Fuzzy socks are perfect for any college student.

3. Amazon gift cards

Everyone between the ages of 18 and 22 seems to be broke. Between school and homework, we don't have much time to dedicate towards a job. Amazon gift cards are great for any student in need of some extra money.

4. Movies

Movie night are a favorite for many students on college campuses. Movies that are not found on Netflix make great gifts.

5. Slippers

Dorms can get gross and walking through the hallways cannot be done barefoot. Comfy slippers are a must in a dorm and any college student would appreciate them.

While finding gifts for college students can be hard, it doesn't take much to please most of us. A Christmas with any of these gifts would make any student happy.

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