5 Best Songs On The Hamilton Mixtape

Hamilton. The hit musical that won 11 Tonys in one night, the hit musical that's going to be sold out for the rest of your life, the game-changing Broadway musical that everyone raves about. On December second, the mixtape was officially released, and on December 23rd the mixtape came out on YouTube for us to appreciate. After obsessively listening to them for days on end, I have chosen my top five songs.

1. Satisfied

Wow. As always, Sia's powerful voice raises goosebumps in her incredible rendition of Satisfied. Watch out, Angelica Schuyler.

2. Wrote My Way Out

If you take Hurricane, but applied it in a broader context, you have Wrote My Way Out. Miranda's emotions are clear, beautiful and powerful in this wonderful, relatable song.

3. An Open Letter (ft. Shockwave)

Okay, I'll admit The Adams Administration is one of my absolute favorite songs in the musical, and An Open Letter is a glorious continuation of it. There's more of Hamilton's famous sharp tongue and some serious shade thrown at President John Adams. What's not to like?

4. Valley Forge (Demo)

AAHH. This is a much more serious rendition of Stay Alive, and it really captures the bleakness of the Revolutionary War. Our victory was almost completely unexpected, and Valley Forge captures our desperation in a more emotional way than Stay Alive.

5. Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)

The iconic line "Immigrants, we get the job done" has spawned hundred of gifs all across the internet. Being the child of immigrants, this song hits close to home. Immigration was an issue for our founding fathers, and it's an issue today.

The mixtape is phenomenal, and you should go listen to the whole thing if you haven't already!

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