5 Best Private Schools in Barbados
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5 Best Private Schools in Barbados

5 Best Private Schools in Barbados

5 Best Private Schools in Barbados

You probably have seen Barbados only on your travel bucket list because it is a beautiful holiday destination. It's a popular tourist destination because of the island climate, but most have not thought of living on this island.

While it ranks at 18th position among the most densely populated islands globally, it does not have many ex-pats. Life is satisfying in Barbados, but the most crucial factor people consider when moving to a new destination is whether it has a good education, which is majorly contributed by good schools.

Many people prefer private schools because children can transfer from one to another without missing out on their education. Many private schools follow a world-class curriculum that translates to consistency hence a smooth transition of schools.

The good news is that most private schools receive financial support from prominent philanthropists like Eugene Melnyk. You can visit this website to learn more about him.

Thankfully, we have compiled a list of the best private schools in Barbados. But before getting straight to it, it's essential to know the curricula these schools use.

Curricula and Admission Exams

As small as the island is, so is the number of schools. Barbados has various private schools, ranging from primary, secondary, and many private nurseries for the small kids. Most immigrants prefer schools that teach a global curriculum.

However, this will depend on whether your child was previously in an international school, or if you want to start them from international schools; how long are you planning to stay in Barbados?

The method of admission also varies from school to school. Some will require your child to do an entrance exam. If your child is going to join a secondary school, they will sit for an entrance exam to qualify.

Best Private Schools in Barbados

Although there are not so many private primary and secondary schools in Barbados, the few ones available offer high-quality education at affordable costs. Now let's look at some of the best private schools in Barbados.

1.Codrington School in St. John

Codrington School was initially opened in 1917, closed for some time, and reopened in 2002. International students study here and make it to different universities in the world. The success of these students has created an excellent reputation for the school.

The school's curriculum is progressive, and their academic year starts in September and ends in July. The school uses a global curriculum, the International Baccalaureate (IB), and offers primary, middle-year programs and diploma programs.

Teachers teach in English, and when the students reach seven years, they begin to take Spanish classes. As they grow older and get to the upper levels, they learn French.

Extracurricular activities are rugby, scuba, art club, chess, drama, music, and swimming for the kids aged thirteen and above. Swimming is part of the regular curriculum.

To get to the school, use their address: St. John BB20008 Barbados. Their telephone number is 246 4232570. Also, the tuition fee ranges from $7,630 to – $44,000 yearly.

2.Lockerbie College, the Cambridge International School

Built-in the year 1956, this college is in the suburbs of Bridgetown. Lockerbie College is the only Cambridge International School in Barbados, and it admits students from the age of 8 to 18 years. Their classes are flexible and offer customized curricula.

Their choice of curricula includes Barbados, UK, US, Canadian, and IB. The school encourages close interaction with children to make learning and understanding better and focus on the whole child. With this learning system, enough attention is given to children with learning differences and ensures they are not left behind.

The address of Lockerbie College is Lockerbie House, Britton's Cross Road, St Michael Barbados BB14002. You can also reach them through their Email address; office@lockerbiecollege.com. The tuition fee starts from $14,500 per year.

3.Ursuline Convent, St. Michael

The Ursuline sisters have educated boys and girls of Barbados for over 110 years in Ursuline Covenant School. The school admits kids of ages 3 to 26 years to join the Infant, Junior, and St. Ursula's Senior Departments.

The sisters use a modified Montessori Method of teaching in the Infant department, while in the Junior Department, the students are made ready for the Barbados Secondary school's Entrance Exams. They do that at the age of 11.

The address for this school is C'more Rk, St. Michael, and the telephone is 436-0272. The tuition fee ranges from $2,284 to 4,100 per term, making it relatively affordable.

4.St. Gabriel's School

This Anglican school in St. Michaels has different departments; the nursery department educates children of ages between 3 and 4, the infant department consisting of children of ages 4 to 7, and the junior department of ages 7-11.

St. Gabriel's is a private school with extracurriculars and outdoor classes. The children of age 11 and above usually get ready for the Barbados Secondary Schools' Entrance examinations at the end of the year.

The school does not require a student to belong to a particular religion, but there is an inclusion of religious education in the curriculum. Besides being unbiased with faith, the school requires the children to practice Christianity principles.

You can get to the school through their address: Henry's Lane, Lower Collymore, St. Michael. To know the amount of tuition you should pay, make inquiries with the school.

5.Alexandra School, St. Michael

Children who study in Alexandra School are made ready for Caribbean Examinations Council Exams and Royal School of music. They get taught in English. As the children advance, they learn more foreign languages like Spanish and French.

The subjects taught include Mathematics, English Literature, History, Geography, and physical education, including swimming. Integrated Science, Business Studies, Information technology, and Religious Studies are also taught.

Most of these institutions are accredited by the Council of International Schools (CoIS) and the European Council of International Schools (ECIS). CoLS is an association of international schools and gives accreditation to schools and leadership recruitment services. ECIS accredits schools that meet an acceptable standard in Europe.

The telephone number of Alexandra School is 422-2265. You can visit the school's official website for more information about the fees. Alexandra's school's address is C'more Rk, St. Michael.

Final Words

Besides Barbados being the right holiday destination, it is fit to be on your list of best areas to live in with a family. It has a good island climate, beautiful sceneries, different cultures, and it offers the best education background and continuation for your kids. All you should do is find a school that fits your child's needs, whether primary or secondary.

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