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    The first lady is a trendsetter right down to her name. Melania Trump’s star power has given her first name a popularity boost, vaulting it 720 places in the Social Security Administration’s annual list of the nation’s top baby names. “Melania” – number 1,650 in the year her husband was elected president – jumped up to number 930 in 2017, making it one of the top five fastest-growing girl’s names on the list. Milania Donna Stewart of Jersey City, age 2, was way ahead of the curve. “We didn’t think we’d get weird looks in the supermarket and would have to explain it to everyone we meet,” dad Bodie Stewart, 39, told The Post, noting that his child’s name is meant to evoke Italy’s fashion capital, Milan. “She was born nine months before the election, when nobody gave Donald Trump a shot at winning,” he said. Stewart, who calls his daughter Mila for short – “in public, I don’t like to yell her name out loud” – advises parents to think twice, “You may love the president, but your baby’s going to have to live with that name for a very long time,” he said.

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