I have been an Ed Sheeran stan since well before he became the phenomenon he is today. I first saw him in concert seven years ago at this small venue in Detroit.

Now he's selling out shows across the world, and I am just as big of a fan now as I was back then. Part of the reason why I love his music so much is that I'm a hopeless romantic, but also I swear he is just incapable of making a bad song. Ed Sheeran has the ability to resonate with people who are falling in love, people who are in love, those who are heartbroken, and others who just want to let loose and sing karaoke at a bar (side note- Sing by Ed Sheeran is my go-to karaoke song).

While it was really difficult to narrow this list down to only five songs, here are the top five Ed Sheeran songs that will forever have us in our feelings.

Honorable Mention: Perfect

I distinctly remember Ed performing this song when I went to his concert in Illinois last year. He talked about how this was the first song he wrote for his third album, Divide, and thus, it was really special to him. Now the song has blown up and is one of his most well-known songs. While it didn't make my top five, it definitely deserves an honorable mention. Plus, there's a version with Beyoncé, so you know it had to be mentioned in some capacity.

1. Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

Let me start by saying if you haven't listened to this song, GO LISTEN TO IT NOW! It's hard not to smile when hearing it because it's just so adorable. I don't know why but no matter where I am, Hearts Don't Break Around Here makes me think of warm weather, California summers, and dancing in flower fields, even though I'm currently writing this article in the law building at my school during finals week, and I'm in Wisconsin where it's raining outside. Nevertheless, if you close your eyes and listen to this song, it automatically puts you in a better mood.

2. Thinking Out Loud

Now this song is a classic and one of the most popular Ed Sheeran songs. Funny enough, it reminds me of slow dances at high school dances haha. However, it is another one of those great feel-good songs that will never get old.

3. Wake Me Up

This song really takes you on a journey from Ed Sheeran's perspective of what it's like to realize you're in love with someone. Throughout the song, he lists a bunch of small, everyday things that may have meant nothing to him at the time they took place, but they mean everything to him now. Certain lyrics really makes my heart melt. "You will never know just how beautiful you are to me." "I could do without a tan…on my left hand…where my fourth finger meets my knuckle." *sigh* It's truly incredible.

4. One

One is the first song off of Ed Sheeran's second album, "Multiply." It starts out with beautiful guitar chords, and then the first line is "tell me that you turned down the man who asked for your hand 'cause you're waiting for me." …and then your heart explodes. After waiting three long years for the second album, this song was an incredible way for Ed Sheeran to set the tone for the emotional journey one takes when listening to "Multiply."

5. Give Me Love

In my opinion, this is the best song that Ed Sheeran has ever released. Not only is the production quality unmatched, but also the emotion in his voice seriously gives me chills. If you go to the part where he's screaming "love me" halfway through the song, it is truly breathtaking. The fact that this is from his debut album still blows my mind, and this song will forever be one of my favorites of all time.