5 Benefits Of Using Fountain Pens

5 Benefits Of Using Fountain Pens

I'm not talking about feather quills from the 18th century (but those are cool too).


I've been using fountain pens since I was in middle school, and I can't imagine my life without them. It's a shame they're not very common in today's society, but here's hoping that'll change!

1) They won't skip like that ol' ballpoint pen of yours, and they're super smooth.

One of the main reasons I use fountain pens is because they're so flippin' smooth. It's like writing with butter minus the, you know, butter. It's great! Unlike a lot of other pens, a good, reliable fountain pen won't skip, so you can say goodbye to those frustrating pens that produce tire tracks rather than lines, and say hello to smooth, skip-free writing.

2) Despite popular belief, they can be pretty affordable.

Ok, to be honest, you're probably not gonna find a quality and reliable fountain pen for a mere couple of bucks, unless you're looking for something disposable; in that case, check out the Platinum Preppy or the Pilot Varsity. Both are great options for anyone looking for lightweight and smooth writers, without the hassle of bottle filling or buying new cartridges. Just buy a new one when the other one runs out, simple. This option, however, does break the bank over time, and you're really not getting the biggest bang for your buck or the full fountain pen experience. Buying a quality bottle of ink, such as Noodler's Bulletproof Black which I love and praise, may cost you a little over ten bucks, but it is well worth the money and will last you a heck of a long time. Not to mention it is much cheaper than buying cartridges that, depending on your writing demands, may only last you a couple of days. My recommended fountain pens for beginners, students, or anyone really, is the Lamy Safari, Pilot 78G, Pilot Metropolitan, TWSBI Eco, and the Platinum Preppy that I mentioned earlier, which can be disposed of or refilled according to preference. All these pens can be purchased for around 30 dollars or much less off of places like Amazon.com.

(Picture of some glorious Lamy Safaris)

3) The possibilities are endless, so make it yours.

Fountain pens are super customizable. You can choose between extra fine, fine, medium, bold, italic, and stub nibs. There are fountain pens for executive to everyday use, and everything in between for you artists, writers, and visionaries out there. There's a multitude of nib sizes, colors, designs, styles, and brands to choose from, and there's different filling mechanisms to choose from too! You can get inks in every color in the book, and saying that these colors are not limited to the colors of the rainbow is quite the understatement.

(If you found yourself wondering what the heck a nib is, it's the pointy metal bit at the top of the pen.)

4) It's a conversation piece, and the conversation is worth having.

These things are unique, and, quite frankly, out of fashion. A lot of people have never heard of fountain pens before, or assume they just aren't in production anymore. So believe me, if you sport one of these things around it won't go unnoticed; people will want to know where you got it from, and probably ask you if they could try it. You might even recruit another fountain pen aficionado. Hooray!

5) They're just beautiful.

My grandfather, who passed away earlier this year, gave me my first set of fountain pens when I was a little girl. He's the reason I developed such a keen interest in them throughout the years. Writing with fountain pens keeps him close to me, to my heart, always. It's because of him that I appreciate the artistic and intrinsic beauty of these pens as I so graciously and faithfully do. Thanks for that, Appa. I love you.

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To The Girl Who Mocked My Sorority

Sorority girls seem to be getting more and more backlash, but why?

To The Girl Who Mocked My Sorority,

I buy my friends? Wow. First time I’ve ever gotten that, good one.

Do you feel better now? Was it all you hoped for?

I doubt it.

I’m not the “typical” sorority girl but I’ve also come to the realization that there isn’t a “typical” sorority girl. We are all different and believe it or not we are all just like you. The letters I wear on my chest don’t make me stupid. They don’t make me a bitch. They don’t make me spoiled. They don’t make me an alcoholic. They don’t make me fake. They don’t make me a slut. And they sure as heck don’t make me any better than you.

What my letters made me is better than I was before.

Some sorority stereotypes are inevitable. Yes, I love my Big. Yes, my Littles are my life. I’m guilty of being a master with a glue gun, and I’ll admit that new letter shirts make me giddy as a 5-year-old on Christmas morning.

But here’s what you don’t know — before I joined my sorority I couldn’t speak to a group of five people without turning red. Now I help run meetings in front of 45 women. Before, I would never have had the courage to go up to a group of girls and sit with them for lunch. Now I’m actually invited (crazy, I know). Before, I struggled with my grades. Now I have sisters in my major offering help. Before, my resume was empty. Now, it's full of leadership positions and community service hours. Before, I didn’t quite feel accepted. Now, I’m welcomed lovingly into an extremely diverse group. What’s so bad about all of that?

I get it. Sororities aren’t for everyone. I’ll even go as far to say that some of us sorority girls can be a little much. But what’s the point of dissing something that you don’t understand? Next time you’re about to make a cruel stereotypical joke, think about how you would feel if someone did that to you. Instead of making fun of sorority girls, sit down with one and find out why it’s so important to her.


A Proud Sorority Girl

Cover Image Credit: Megan Jones

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If A Girl Is Too Drunk To Consent, That Is Rape, Not An Excuse For Men To Validate Their Actions

Sexual violence shouldn't be taken any less seriously just because alcohol was consumed.


Sexual violence on college campuses is a prevalent issue. Most instances of sexual violence are done while either one or both of the individuals involved are intoxicated.

Let's be honest, all of us college students who drink, probably have had a day(s) or night(s) when we drink too much. Binge drinking is a college norm– even though it is dangerous, unhealthy, and an abuse of a substance– it is still a normalized activity within college culture.

However, just because drinking is a normalized deviant activity for a majority of college students, that doesn't mean the deviant behaviors done while intoxicated should be normalized too. Accepting responsibility for one's actions always needs to be done– whether it is sober or intoxicated.

When drinking, alcohol saturates your brain, impairing neurotransmitters and changing chemical reactions. This can influence us to act in ways we may or may not act when sober– however, there still have to be consequences for all of our actions.

For some reason though, when instances of sexual violence are reported– alcohol being involved is emphasized as an important variable that has a tendency to lessen the consequence of the interaction(s) against the perpetrator.

Whether it is questioning the validity of the reported interaction– or the reliability of the victim's statement– the fact that alcohol is involved plays a major role, when it really shouldn't.

Alcohol shouldn't be used as an excuse. Regardless of the individuals involved were intoxicated or not, unwanted advances– that requires a decision of: "Is this right or is this wrong?"– was made. The perpetrator chose to make that advance. Alcohol should never be an excuse for emotionally and/or physically harming someone else.

With that being said, it is never is okay to say that it is the victim's fault because they were "too this" or "too that". If a person of any identity is assaulted, harassed, stalked, or attacked, because they were drinking– it is the perpetrator's fault, not the victims.

I am so tired of listening to the news and hearing about the debate relating intoxication and the validity of actions committed while intoxicated.

If a person chooses to drive while intoxicated and is caught, they are given a DUI or OWI, and they have to deal with those consequences. Same should be the case if someone chooses to forcibly VIOLATE another human-being while drinking. Alcohol is still a variable in both situations, so what is the difference?

The fact is, when unwanted advances, harassment, assaults, or attacks are committed, there is harm done. This harm can create detrimental effects for the victim(s). These effects may follow he or she for the rest of their lives. It is unfair for the victim to have to live with the consequences, while the perpetrator may not have to, just because they were "too drunk" to know better.

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