5 Badass Females in Superhero TV Shows
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5 Badass Females in Superhero TV Shows

These are the women that should rule the world.

5 Badass Females in Superhero TV Shows
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1. Peggy Carter- Agent Peggy Carter

This is the girl who started an organization to be the shield against evil for the rest of the world. Peggy Carter was a girl who never gave up on anything and never let herself confine to social norms. She worked to be a top officer in the military even though it was unheard of for a woman in that time period, and she refused to fall short of that goal. Her heart and dedication went into everything she did, which made so many people admire and respect her. She also constantly refused to be a damsel in distress- when her brother died, she realized she was meant to make a difference and called off her marriage to join the military, just like her brother had always believed she would be a perfect fit for. After the love of her life- Captain America- sacrificed himself to save New York, Peggy Carter worked harder than ever to ensure that she could keep the world safe, thus SHIELD was born. Agent Peggy Carter was an overall badass that stood as a true inspiration for so many people in the world.

2. Felicity Smoak- Arrow

This is the girl who hacked her way into saving the world and gave hope to her team when they needed it most. Felicity Smoak knew she was capable of doing better things than becoming a cocktail waitress in Vegas like her mother. Instead, she graduated from MIT and moved thousands of miles away to work at Queen Consolidated, where Oliver Queen saw a deep humanity within her and chose her to join Team Arrow. Her kindheartedness, trustworthiness, and incredible intelligence have always had a heartwarming affect on everybody she’s met. Also, Felicity is one to never backed down in a fight or in the face of danger, even if she knew she was out-powered. She’s stared down super villains even though she was “just” an IT girl. Also, she always stands right next to her team, using her intelligence to reason her way out of difficult situations. She has always put others before herself because of her determination to help people. Felicity Smoak is a badass because of the sheer amount of heart and soul she uses to influence everybody around her, making her a character that people admire and fall in love with.

3. Sara Lance- Legends of Tomorrow

This is the girl who went from a damsel in distress to becoming one of the greatest assassins in the League. Sara Lance was on the boat with Oliver Queen when it went down. She was captured after the boat wreck, and was used as bait, and has since escaped death hundreds of times. She eventually ended up in Nanda Parbat, where she was forced to be trained as an assassin. Sara felt as if she had lost her entire self. She was practically broken apart and put back together as a completely different woman. One thing she never lost while being tortured and broken, however, was her love for others. Sara Lance did everything in her power to make sure her loved ones were always safe. She even escaped the League to be near her family and watch over them to keep them from danger. Sara even fought in the toughest battles of Star City. However, she was eventually murdered (to set Thea up on blackmail). She stayed dead for a while, but was brought back to life by her sister and Thea using the Lazarus Pit in Nanda Parbat. Sara suffered the consequences of bloodlust and having her soul trapped. Following a few months after a rescue mission by Team Arrow to get Sara’s soul back, Sara was recruited by Rip Hunter for his team to defeat Vandal Savage, in the future, to save the destruction of the world and his family. This team is ultimately where Sara fit in the best- being a part of a team of misfits and banding together to form the Legends. The team eventually became Time Masters and after Captain Hunter gave his life to save the team, Sara became the new Captain due to her combat and tactical skills. As Captain of the team, she’d had to make close calls about the lives of others, but these close calls solidify her badass status. Sara has always seen the best in people and has always had a great sense of humor, judgment, and heart even though she’s been through hell and back more than once.

4. Thea Queen- Arrow

This is the girl who has come out a winner even during the darkest times. When she lost her brother (Oliver Queen) and father, Thea Queen had to deal with her mother’s grief, as well as her own grief and life problems, all while she was only in high school. Once Thea got her brother back, she only had him for a year before he left to deal with the loss of his best friend and the events of the undertaking. Thea- only 18 at this point and with her mother in jail- took Oliver’s bar (his hobby) and turned it into a successful business. After witnessing her mother’s murder, Thea decided she’d had enough with people walking over her and hurting her that she left with her super villain, biological father to train and become a stronger version of her current self. She developed into a strong woman who was able to end a fight in victory. However, to get revenge on her brother, Ra’s Al Ghul attempted to murder Thea, leaving her at death’s doorstep. Unable to lose her, her brother resurrected Thea using the Lazarus Pit. She was then forced to deal with the aftereffects of being resurrected, the consequence being bloodlust. Wanting to make a difference and be the beacon of hope, Thea joined Team Arrow and became a superhero- Speedy- to keep the people of her city safe from harm. Thea Queen is the ultimate badass of Arrow- having to deal with so much pain at such a young age, but never faltering in her optimistic, kindhearted, and hopeful heart.

5. Skye/Daisy Johnson- Agents of SHIELD

This is a girl whose life has been in a constant state of movement. She was left an orphan at a very young age and never had true family due to constantly shifting between orphanages and homes. She eventually joined a hacktivist group- Rising Tides- to help expose the existence of superhumans and do her part for the world. With this group, she found the concept of family. However, she eventually went on to be recruited by SHIELD as a hacker, and this is where she finally found true family. It wasn’t long before Skye was subjected to a transformation through terrigenesis, turned into an inhuman, and became a superhero. She discovered her origins after this transformation and found her birth family. In a turn of events, Skye’s father had to kill her mother because of her mother’s immoral plans for the world. Because of his actions, her father had to have his memory erased to protect him from his terrible, but life-saving deed. Skye found her birth family, and lost them, but she learned the true meaning of the word. She found family with her team at SHIELD. She found family in her boyfriend that gave up his life to save the world so that Skye wouldn’t sacrifice herself. In these people she found family and happiness, but she sacrificed it all and left them so that she could keep them safe from further harm. Skye’s a girl who had never had love in her life, but she gives back more than her single heart can carry, which makes her insanely compassionate and badass.

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