5 ASMR Videos That Will Help You Sleep Like A Baby
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5 ASMR Videos That Will Help You Sleep Like A Baby

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep? Are you ever anxious and tense? Do you find it hard to concentrate on homework?

5 ASMR Videos That Will Help You Sleep Like A Baby
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If you have never heard of ASMR, you are not alone, but you are definitely missing out. I stumbled upon this glorious gold mine of videos on complete accident during one of my plights into the black hole of YouTube. At first, I passed these hidden gems by because I did not understand why anyone would want to watch another person play with q-tips or spray a water bottle for hours. After a few days of seeing these videos in my suggestion sidebar, I gave in and watched one. It was glorious. I then had to google what exactly ASMR was, because it seemed like some sort or incredible witchcraft. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. I know--I know, that probably does not help explain at all. I still don't even quite understand fully myself. All I know is that these videos can help relax you into a deep and peaceful sleep, calm you after having a tense day or even an anxiety attack, and aid in your concentration while attempting to do work or homework. It sounds like magic, right? It is. The best way that I can describe it, and excuse my French, but it is like a brain orgasm. Your head starts to tingle, your shoulders begin to relax, and the rest is history. Below are my personal top five favorite ASMR videos to watch when I need a fix, but keep in mind that there is a never-ending plethora of these on the internet you can find with just click of a few buttons. My only recommendation is that you listen with headphones. It intensifies the experience.

(You can either clink on the blue title or the picture to be linked to the videos on this list!)

5. MassageASMR This guy is a little on the weird side if you actually watch the video (rather than laying the video to the side and just enjoying the sounds with your eyes closed) but it is a great place to start if you are a newbie. This video is 10 hours long, so he does a wide variety of ASMR triggers. This is how you can figure out what works for you and what does not.

4. Made In France ASMR I am honestly not sure why this is so pleasurable to listen to, considering the whole nails on a chalkboard being cringe-worthy thing, but it is so nice. This video gives me chills. Side-note--I am a big fan of all the ASMR videos this specific YouTube makes, so feel free to browse the rest of his channel.

3. fastASMR After hearing the spray bottle noise on a different video, I knew I wanted to find a video dedicated solely to that. I watched a lot before finding this beauty. It makes my brain melt in the most fantastic way.

2. EarthlyASMR I have a few videos very similar to this one in my personal ASMR video playlist, but this one is definitely my favorite. She was not kidding when she titled this video intense. This makes my head feel all the tingles, and I love tingles.

1. AmbientASMR This video made it to numero uno on my list for a reason. There are just no words that can describe how amazing this video is. It literally makes it feel like you are the one getting your head washed and massaged. I will admit that I am guilty of listening to this on repeat at night, and it helps me fall asleep almost instantly, and keep me asleep all night long.

I honestly do not know what I would do without the wizardry of ASMR videos now that I have had the pleasure of becoming obsessed with them. You can even ask my family - I go into panic mode if I can't find my headphones to listen during homework or before bed. I just hope that you all enjoy as much as I have. (Pro-tip: if you add these videos, along with any other ASMR videos you like, into your own playlist on youtube, you can make it to where they play on repeat throughout long bouts of homework or sleep at night.)
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