5 Annoying Characteristics Of Living In A College Town

If you live in a college town, then you knew exactly what I meant when you read the title. There are definitely a lot of pros and cons when it comes to living in a college town, especially when you're like me and you came from a town known for the retirement of the old and rich (Naples, FL to be exact).

Here are five things we Tallahassee college students have to deal with, especially when the start of a new school year (although I'm sure all college students living in a busy, college town can relate).

Traffic is insane. 

Think snowbird traffic but 10x worse. It's a bunch of college students who don't know how to drive, speeding and cutting each other off. It's complete chaos.

Parking is impossible.

Are you thinking about driving to school? Forget it. Unless you go before 8 a.m. or leave for class an hour early, you definitely won't find parking.

Wait times at restaurants are probably an extra 30 minutes.

I can probably count on one hand how many of my friends like to cook. It's easier to just eat out and not worry about cleaning up the mess afterward. However, now it's just a massive wait at every place you go to.

Textbooks are sold out (or take forever to come in).

I really hate going to the campus bookstore during the first week of school because it's always packed. They run out of several books and it takes forever for them to come in once you order them.

Sleep? Nonexistent.

Depending on where you live in your college town, you may never hear a quiet night again. With all the clubs around here, the people going out at night, and just the traffic in general, silence is nonexistent.

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