5 Actors That Should Portray Disney Princes

As a huge Disney nerd, I am either constantly obsessing about the current movies that already exist, or imagining how live-action portrayals of those movies would look. We already have a fair string of live-action movies coming onto the scene, but there's something to be desired from them. One thing I would love to see is current actors try their hands at portraying the dashing Disney princes of the past that I have adored since childhood. Here's my list to you, Disney, of people who would be great for those roles.

1. Zayn Malik as Prince Naveen

With Zayn being a charismatic ladies man already, it would make sense why he would play the misguided womanizer in a live-action version of "The Princess and The Frog." He can already sing flawlessly and he possesses the ethnicity that gives him the features needed to play the part. Plus, with his enormous solo success since leaving 1D, it shows that he is more than capable of being a leading man.

2. Tyler Posey as Aladdin

This is also a perfect example of mixed heritages working in the actor's favor and making the idea seem possible. They are both goofy and possess a hilarious wit that would be enchanting to any princess. With all of the stunts he has done on "Teen Wolf," he can also handle the stunt that Aladdin would have to perform in a live-action movie, such as the carpet rides, elephant rides, and running from the guards all over Agrabah.

3. Chris Pratt as Kristoff

Although not a prince, Kristoff is charming in his own way, which is exactly what Chris Pratt is. Both have a quirky sense of humor and are huge kids at heart, but can also be completely down to Earth. They even both possess that manly, broad physique that's perfect for ice-cutting.

4. Matt Bomer as Prince Eric

These two are practically twins. Both have striking blue eyes, jet black hair, and chiseled features that would make anyone want to leave their home behind to be with (like Ariel). Unannounced to many, Matt Bomer also has impressive vocal skills that make way for a song being placed into the live-action feature. Check out his pipes in "Magic Mike." He has a charming and endearing personality which is needed to play one of the top favorite princes amongst Disney fans.

5. Henry Cavill as Prince Charming

This guy already has the posh accent and prince-like manners, on top of the fact that his features are already the common depiction of a prince charming. Clearly, this guy fits the bill better than anyone. Cavill also has some pretty impressive acting skills, and he's known for being given roles and putting his own fantastic twist on them to make them his own. With a character like Prince Charming, whom we know nothing about, it would be exciting to see Cavill give this Prince the personality we all yearn to see.

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