First of all let me say, this movie was amazing and I am so proud of the cast and crew for making this movie come to life. There were some hits and misses, but overall the movie was amazing.

If you are a book lover, you know that the movie is not going to be actually the same. So that is the thought I had in my head when I walked into the theater. I kept track of the filming and clips that were released as teasers. I noticed many key elements that were shown in the teasers and that definitely kept me excited. But, news came that some of the scenes were being cut and I wasn't hoping it wasn't many of the main features.

The start of the film was exactly how I pictured. The actors and actresses were spot on in executing the scene. The emotion felt real and it felt exactly like I imagined it would. When arriving at the college and the scene where Tessa meets Steph was a little different than I imagined. I do remember in the book that along with meeting Steph, you also meet Hardin and some of the other main crew before Tessa's mother demands a room change. You don't meet Hardin until a little later on and the main crew until the frat party. It was a little different but I was not disappointed with the way the scenes flowed.

Hardin was portrayed a little differently but overall he was the same, Hardin. The attitude and look had the perfect fit for his character. The chemistry between him and Tessa was spot on and could be seen right away. That was definitely a plus for this movie.

The frat party scene was exactly how I expected but the outfit for Tessa was a little different but it works for the film.