48 Move-In Day Thoughts College Kids Can't Help But Have

48 Move-In Day Thoughts College Kids Can't Help But Have

"Is this smell going to last all year?"

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It's my senior year of college, and there have been many interesting thoughts that go through my head when moving back into school. I have a whole spectrum of thoughts because there is so much going on all at once. You're packing, and then you're driving to the school, and then you're trying to bring out all the bags of clothing that you won't end up wearing, and finally, you realize you've emptied out your car(s), and can't even walk in your small room with all the crap you brought. I've been through it all. Have you had these thoughts too?

1. "Wow, I am just so excited to move in!"

2. "Can we fit all this in two cars?"

3. "We're finally here!"

4. "OK, let's get my trunk out first so we can get the elevator before anyone else."

5. "This is my favorite thing out of all the 2 cars full of stuff."

6. "Did I really pack this?"

7. "I shouldn't have packed this."

8. "What floor am I on again?"

9. "Oh yes... 3rd floor."

10. "Gotta sign in and get my key that I'll probably forget and lose about 25 times during the year."

11. "Wow...OK... this is heavier now that I'm climbing up three flights of stairs."

12. "What's my room number again?"

13. "It's already a zoo in the lobby."

14. "Not living a few doors down from the laundry room is gonna be interesting this year."

15. "Why are they hogging the elevator if they live on the 2nd floor and they're just bringing up pillows?"

16. "Yes, Dad, I need all these bags of clothes."

17. "Dad, I need options."

18. "Yes, I need six pairs of jeans when I'm only going to wear leggings."

19. "Oh, these stairs are going to be a pain every day."

20. "Should I take the elevator?"

21. "Looks like I'm not taking the elevator..."

22. "The staircase already smells like weed and alcohol."

23. "Don't tell me I forgot my alcohol."

24. "Nope, we're good."

25. "Alright, let's open this door."

26. "Either this key isn't working or I haven't used a key to open the door in a decade."

27. "We're in."

28. "Wow...small."

29. "So, is this the closet?"

30. "Is there any way to make it bigger?"

31. "I can only fit 15 hangers?"

32. "How am I going to live with only 15 hangers?"

33. "Oh, there's a dresser too."

34. "Now I can survive."

35. "Oh good, my wall is already chipped."

36. "I am not paying for that."

37. "What's that smell?"

38. "This bed is as hard as a rock."

39. "Good thing my Mom bought me a five-inch mattress pad."

40. "Mom, can you make my bed?"

41. "Please?"

42. "That's the best my bed will ever look this year."

43. "What do you mean there's no AC?"

44. "Why are there orange and red stains on my window shade?"

45. "I think I'm good now Mom and Dad."

46. "No really, I think I'm good."

47. "Man, I'm gonna miss them."

48. "Ah, yes, freedom."

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