48 Thoughts From A Soon-To-Be College Senior
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Student Life

48 Thoughts From A Soon-To-Be College Senior

Oh God, please don’t ask me what I’m doing after graduation.

48 Thoughts From A Soon-To-Be College Senior

Entering my senior year of college, there are many thoughts going through my head. They range from "How long until my school email stops working?" to "Did I do EVERYTHING I wanted to do before graduating?" Here is a short list of some of the thoughts going through my head, and hopefully some fellow seniors will appreciate hearing these as well.

1. What is senior toast?

2. What is real life?

3. I’m going to have so many “lasts.”

4. I have to do everything this year.

5. I know #YOLO was a thing like five-years ago, but can we bring it back?

6. Just for me?

7. School flew by.

8. What if I never see these people again?

9. Where will I be this time next year?

10. How do I do literally anything?

11. I have no money.

12. Why is everything so expensive? Looking at you, Whole Foods.

13. But high school was such a recent thing?

14. This quote from a strange man in Allentown: “Remember, drinking after college is alcoholism.”

15. Quote from same man: “If all else fails, you’re hot enough to work at Hollister.”

16. Grad school?

17. Can I get a job without grad school?

18. Can I still start weekends on Thursdays?

19. Can I have Fridays off from work like I did from classes?

20. How much pizza is “too much” for an adult?

21. Do I have to wake up before 10 for my real life?

22. All year round?

23. I can live without my parents?

24. Ah, yes, taxes.

25. Literally what if everyone else knows what they’re doing and I don’t.

26. What if I’m a failure?

27. Do I have to eat dinner before eight now?

28. Should I just get the early bird special?

29. I’m old.

30. Instagram is the new Facebook.

31. Do I have to buy a whole new wardrobe?

32. Why am I a psych major?

33. This is the last year I’ll ever have fun in my whole life.

34. Is everyone else worried or is it just me?

35. I’m going to be competing with some of my peers for jobs.

36. Wow wasn’t I literally five two days ago?

37. I don’t think I’m allowed to be an adult.

38. I could have done more.

39. Oh god, please don’t ask me what I’m doing after graduation.

40. Maybe I should lie and say I’m going into junior year.

41. Maybe people will believe me. Hehehe.

42. Wow last year was a whole different world.

43. Will people even be sad when I leave?

44. Wow I’ve wanted to be skinnier for like two years now.

45. Oh look, ice cream.

46. Are there snow days at work?

47. Maybe if I’m a rebel and skip graduation I can’t leave.

48. Wow, crying again, are we?

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