So, have you ever heard someone say the reason certain things are happening in the nation is because of "Number 45" (the name rhymes with Ronald and starts with a D)?

Let me just say that is absurd.

Well, let's go into this. I say this is absurd because we, as people, are giving this man way too much power. Things happen in the world because we as a whole either contribute to it or it was destined to happen.

Number 45, however, may be doing things, his family, included to stir up the pot of chaos in the media. He truly doesn't have as much power over our lives as we think. The only reason he may seem as though he has power is that he knows what things to say or do to stay in the media and to make it keep him on everyone's electronic sources. The media is what puts a battery in his back and, unfortunately, because the media is the source of energy for him, it may seem as though he has all of the power.

But I am here to tell you Number 45 may be making the world more chaotic. Things will get better and though it may seem like the world is coming to an end because we have an incompetent, thoughtless, self-adsorbed president who seems to love to make things more chaotic than they are.

We will have a better president.

Although I do not like that the nation put a celebrity into the White House who has no knowledge of what he is doing and I do not have much care for him because of his close-mindedness, I do have to say that I have compassion for him because he was not born like this, it was something that was learned and something that was taught. Therefore, I will say that Number 45 is just causing me to be more aware of the things that I do with my life as you have to be prepared for everything that can happen.

With that being said, I repeat: do not be afraid to live life, just take this as a reason to be more aware and more involved in both your community and in the things that affect your life.