42 Reasons You Know You're From LaGrange, Georgia
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42 Reasons You Know You're From LaGrange, Georgia

America's greatest little city

42 Reasons You Know You're From LaGrange, Georgia

I have grown up in this tiny town my entire life, and most people who live here will agree, plenty of people leave LaGrange, but almost all of them come back! While it is a growing city, it has not always been, and I am sure most of you townies can remember more than I can!!

1. Date night! And by date night, I mean Bonzai

2. *Travels to Newnan, Columbus, or Auburn to shop*

3. Why did they ever close smoothie paradise?

4. Everyone thought West Side Magnet school was for the smarter students, lol ok

5. Using the flower streets to navigate around annual parades in town

6. Let's go on an adventure, and by adventure, I mean the bomb shelter.

7. Remember when we had a Daylight donuts for like two weeks?

8. No matter where you live you can always expect a train to wake you up at night at least once

9. All night skates at the Turnaround Christian Center

10. Seeing Jeff Foxworthy at Charlie Josephs occasionally


12. The Clayground was pretty cool

13. When Sugermeyer's Ice Cream was the best scoop in town

14. Our pride and joy is Elijah Kelley, Quan Bray, & Terry Godwin


16. And by the way, Jins started out connected to a gas station, just saying

17. When Momma G's was Higher Grounds Coffee

18. When the old Golden Corral was turned into a funeral home

19. Bet you didn't know we have a water park...it's called the Wiz and there's two slides and it is the ish

20. West point lake is the summer activity of choice

21. You can't go to Walmart without seeing someone you know

22. You can't go to the movie theater without seeing someone you know

23. You can't go out to eat without seeing someone you know

24. You get my point

25. Everyone knows everyone and everything about everyone...unfortunately

26. When longhorn was built we knew we were going places

27. *explains there are actually three whole cities in our county*

28. Seeing a KIA out of town and telling everyone it was built down the street from you

29. If you don't know who the Callaway family is, do you really know anything?

30. Why did they ever get rid of Brusters?

31. The fact that we can't build a Steak n' Shake because of a sign...

32. You know pretty much every police officer personally

33. You pick your favorite Chick-Fil-A location, (Commerce is obviously #1)

34. Making every green light on Broad Street means it's gonna be a good day

35. You complain about living in such a "boring" town that you actually protect like a younger sibling to any outsiders

36. High school pride is extreme whether it be Callaway, Troup or LaGrange

37. Occasionally driving by the fountain on the square and seeing soap suds overflowing down the street

38. Trying to climb under the fountain via the monument that opens up

39. The feeling we all got when we finally got a Starbucks

40. Yes, we actually have an airport

41. The medium sized building on Lafayette Parkway with one restaurant and 4 stores is actually labeled "The Mall"

42. LaGrange College exists and it is actually pretty awesome....sometimes

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