41 Questions I Have For Ithaca College
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41 Questions I Have For Ithaca College

Why can I never find a seat in the library?

41 Questions I Have For Ithaca College

Since my time began at Ithaca College just over a year ago, there have been quite a few questions racking up in my mind. There are some things about the college (as wonderful and amazing as it may be) that I just don't understand, so I decided to list them out in hopes to find some answers.

1. How do you decide which staircases to rope off in the winter?

2. Why doesn't the tunnel connect to Park?

3. Why do the towers elevators break down so often?

4. Shouldn't we think of a permanent way to fix that?

5. What is the reasoning behind the weird Towers Dining Hall hours?

6. What the hell is with our mascot? A bomber? Care to explain?

7. Can you guess how many flights of stairs I climb each day? (Hint: it's a lot)

8. Shouldn't the public safety office be closer to campus?

9. Why is Pub food so expensive?

10. What is the Textor Ball a sculpture of? A fish? A golf ball? None of the above?

11. How many times do I have to submit an override request before it gets accepted?

12. Furthermore, why is class registration the most stressful & frustrating thing ever?

13. Why have I already had 3 different academic advisors in the past year?

14. Why is the GPA standard for the Park school Dean's List so high?

15. Are the fountains cleaned before the seniors jump in them during senior week?

16. Are the fountains cleaned ever?

17. Will I really not graduate if I swim in them before senior year?

18. Why is the temperature in my dorm room either freezing cold or scorching?

19. When can I be serenaded by Ithacapella?

20. Why did the A & E Center tower stop changing colors?

21. Is it really taller than Cornell's clock tower?

22. Are you aware that the natural lands are used for almost everything besides hiking?

23. Why does every classroom have different style desks?

24. Why is the Terraces salad bar 10x better than the Campus Center salad bar?

25. Why did I buy 4 textbooks last semester and not use any of them?

26. Why are there barely any ICC courses for the Mind, Body, Spirit theme?

27. How can we fix the problem of CAPs being constantly overbooked and understaffed?

28. Why do my professors have office hours during the most random times?

29. Why is the TCAT almost never on time?

30. Why is my WiFi constantly crashing?

31. What's the deal with the water pressure in dorm showers?

32. Why can't I take more than a piece of fruit out of the dining hall?

33. When did the nickname "Ith" become a thing?

34. Why are there no trash cans outside?

35. Are the indoor trash cans really divided into recycling and compost bins?

36. Why can I never find a seat in the Pub between 12-1 PM?

37. When will the student body be updated on the presidential search?

38. Can we have a president who cares about the opportunities and rights for all students, staff, and faculty?

39. Why are the gym doors so hard to open?

40. Are you aware that you're the bomb(er)?

41. Seriously, what is our mascot?

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