​40 Thoughts I Have While I’m At The Airport

Ah, summer. The time to relax, hangout with friends, spend endless days at the beach and, of course, a time for travel. The airports get extremely crazy, and security lines get completely out of control. The airport is, unfortunately, unavoidable at times, and I know most of these things have run through all of your minds at one point or another while at the airport.

1. OK, maybe the airport won’t be as crowded today as it normally is…

2. *Gets to airport* *stands in 30-minute line to check in bags*

3. I hope I didn’t over pack my bags…

4. What if I forgot to pack something?!

5. I think I forgot to pack underwear….

6. Well…I guess I’ll be wearing the same pair of underwear for the next week.

7. Let’s hope the hotel has a laundry service.

8. Why do security lines ALWAYS have to be this long?

9. And why do people always move so slow...

10. Why do the TSA officers always look at my I.D. like it's fake and then look back at me like I'm planning to destroy the entire airport?

11. What did you just write on my boarding pass?

12. Is that even English or are those just scribbles that are supposed to look like something important?

13. I wonder which line I should stand in.

14. Shoot, that other line is moving so much faster.

15. I should have picked the other line...

16. Maybe I won’t have to take off my shoes this time or take out my laptop…

17. Nope, just kidding, why would I ever think I could keep my shoes on or keep my laptop in my bag this time?

18. Ugh, why did I wear shoes that have so many laces in them?

19. Thank god I’m wearing socks today because this airport floor is disgusting.

20. Oh no, my bag is about to go through the censors

21. Did I accidentally put liquids in my carry on or put my razor in there?

22. Oh my god, why did that TSA officer just call over that other TSA officer to the monitor?!

23. OK, phew, it wasn't my bag.

24. OK, so, how do I spend the next hour in the airport before I board?

25. Should I go grab some food?

26. Why does everything have to be so goddamn expensive?

27. Do I need this $15 sandwich?

28. No, I don't! I'm better than this $15 sandwich!

29. Who am I kidding... I want this sandwich.

20. Oh look, a $5 bottle of water...just what I needed!

21. Well, I've wasted 45 mins trying to find food, so I should probably go to my gate now.

22. Why are there so many little kids running around screaming their heads off?

23. And, of course, there's no open seats in the waiting area...looks like I'm going to have to sit on the floor.

24. Oh, yes, a charger!

25. Annnnd, of course, it doesn't work.

26. I guess I won't get to check in at the airport and let all of my Facebook friends know where I'm going.

27. So when are we boarding?

28. Yes, please go ahead and let small children board first because they totally deserve priority boarding.

29. I wonder what zone I am...

30. OK, zone three isn't bad.

31. YES! FINALLY, my time to board.

32. PSA: Sorry to everyone in first class and business economy that I hit with my carry-on bags. #sorrynotsorry

33. OK, so where my open bins at?


35. OK, phew, found one open!

36. I wonder who I'm sitting next to...

37. I hope it isn't going to be someone weird or a crying baby...

38. Ugh, why do we always have to sit through these safety demonstrations?

39. I know where all of the exits are, how to properly put on my seatbelt and where my life vests are located.

40. Yes, finally we're taking off!

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