40 Liners You've Said To Your College Roommates, Repeatedly
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40 One-Liners You've Said To Your College Roommates, Repeatedly

"I miss you, come home."

40 One-Liners You've Said To Your College Roommates, Repeatedly
Bridget Howard

When most people think of college, they immediately think of roommates.

While some see it as a burden, others love the idea. Lucky for me, I got to live with three of my best friends my freshman year of college and I loved every minute of it.

Here are just a few of the many things we said to each other on a daily basis:

1. “Do you wanna go eat?"

2. “Can I borrow _____?"

3. “Who's taking out the trash?"

4. “Odds we go get insomnia again?"

5. “What are you doing today?"

6. “What are we going to do this weekend?"

7. “What are you gonna wear?"

8. “Can you help me do my makeup?"

9. “What should I caption this?"

10. “Can you take me to class?"

11. “Do you wanna have a movie night?"

12. “Are we out of toilet paper again?"

13. “OK, so, listen to what just happened to me."

14. “Which filter should I use?"

15. “How should I wear my hair? Up or down?"

16. “Can you leave the door unlocked?"

17. “Are you OK?"

18. “What time do you get out of class?"

19. “Do I look OK?"

20. “Does this outfit match?"

21. “Let's make popcorn."

22. “I think I'm running out of money."

23. “Are you awake yet?"

24. “Listen to this new song I found!!"

25. “I swear you've played this song like 100 times today."

26. “Go comment on my picture."

27. “Who left their dishes in the sink?"

28. “What do I respond to this?"

29. “Will you go to the grocery store with me?"

30. “Did you skip class again?"

31. “Come watch this video!!!"

32. “Which shoes should I wear with this?"

33. “Oh my God, it's like a sauna in here."

34. “Does my hair look greasy or do I need to shower?"

35. “Oh my God, it's like an icebox in here."

36. “Do we have any more CPK pizzas left in the fridge?"

37. “Will you come sit in the bathroom and talk to me while I shower?"

38. “We need to clean the refrigerator."

39. “Can you just take one more picture, pleaseee?"

40. “I miss you, come home."

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