40 Things I Love About My Mom

40 Things I Love About My Mom

Mom, what would I do without you? You're the best.

I dedicate this article to my mom, whose birthday is this week. I can't tell you her age, so the fact that there are 40 reasons that I love her doesn't give anything away, does it? Oops; love you mom!

I love:

1. her love for me

2. that she puts up with my ridiculousness even when it's over the top

3. that she has my back through thick and thin

4. her strong belief in me and my abilities

5. that she is a great role model for me and my brother

6. her good morning texts

7. the good luck she wishes for me on tests and quizzes

8. the weekly — sometimes daily — phone calls

9. that she listens to boybands with me

10. her insistence that Hallmark Christmas movies are great (they're not)

11. that she didn’t shame me for loving weird movies as a child (btw: Spirited Away was amazing and you know it)

12. her love of Disney even at her age

13. that she obsesses over cute boys in TV shows with me

14. that she lets me go to concerts

15. that she comes with me to said concerts

16. that she drives home from these concerts in the insane traffic

17. her sense of humor

18. that she laughs at everything, even if it's not an appropriate time to do so

19. the fact that she can’t spell

20. her perseverance through harsh times

21. her strength

22. her individualism and the way she has taught me to be individual as well

23. her patience for me and my brother even when we don't deserve it

24. her love of frogs

25. her insistence to wear t-shirts and jeans at all times

26. that she lets me wear her clothes

27. that she lets me blast Nick Jonas in the car

28. that she harmonizes with me to Nick Jonas in the car

29. her famous Sunday morning breakfasts

30. that she will listen to me rant at all times of the day

31. her dedication to come to all of my events

32. that she lets me go off and do my own thing

33. her trust in me

34. the guidance she provides

35. all of the times she's driven me to both Targets on different sides of town on the same days

36. that she never got mad when we drove across town to the mall and I didn't actually buy anything

37. that she puts up with my inevitable fits in stores
38. that she believes me when I said that my brother was the one who did it

39. how well she raised twins on her own

40. her unconditional love for me and my brother (so much that it deserves the first and last spot on this list)

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We have all been to grocery shopping or shopping for clothes. Have you ever felt like you were pissing off your cashier? Maybe you were.

Cashiers get pissed or upset pretty easily. For demanding customers to ignorant ones. They all come and go. There are a few that we like to see. Some of our regulars are our favorites

If you don’t wanna make your cashier mad, don’t do these things.

1. Tell your phone number unless asked.

If a store has a rewards card please either wait till we ask for it already have it out. If you don’t have one in hand wait till we ask for your phone number. Just don’t assume we are ready to hear the number. Because more than likely we are not ready.

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We don't make up the rules. We just follow them. Just because it doesn't ring up the way you want it doesn't mean it is actually on sale. It could be a sale from last week we forgot to take down.

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7. Read the sales...

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Cashiers are really nice people we love all our customers but sometimes the things they do make us upset.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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"First Day Of My Life" by Bright Eyes

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"Into The Wild" by Lewis Watson

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