40 Of The Best Things In Life
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Student Life

40 Of The Best Things In Life

I promise you will all relate.

40 Of The Best Things In Life

There is just some things in life that cannot be beat.

1. Eating pizza: Num, num, num.

2. Tanning: Get me bronzed, baby.

3. Sleeping-in after a long week: ZzZzzZ

4. Laughing with a friend: F is for friends who do stuff together.

5. Driving in a car with the windows down: This screams warm weather and country music. Who cares if your hair gets in your lipgloss.

6. A nice hug at the end of a hard day: Everyone needs a little love.

7. Getting an A on the test you spend so much time studying for: "I AM THE SMARTEST HUMAN ON THE PLANET".

8. Binge watching Netflix: "Whoops three days have gone by, I'll watch one more episode, though".

9. Swimming in the ocean and not getting eaten by a shark: 10/10 it is a good day.

10. Texting a cute guy/girl: Everyone must be inlove with me.

11. Drinking tea: Green tea is good for flushing out toxins, or something.

12. Going on a run: Endorphins, baby, because like you're trying to look good for formal.

13. Seeing an old couple in-love: "So there is hope for us all!"

14. Pay day: "I think I'm the next Bill Gates?"

15. Being in college, in general: LET FREEDOM REIGN!

16. Randomly hearing your favorite song in public: "I will have a dance party and I don't care who is watching".

17. Finding money in your pockets after washing your clothes: "I swear I'm the next Bill Gates".

18. Squeezing tiny puppies: So cute, so soft, and so easy to steal from the petshop.

19. Squeezing tiny humans: (Babies, people).

20. Getting a bomb haircut: Okay, I can work with this.

21. Finishing all your homework: You are the most hardworking person on your college campus.

22. Turning 21: This hasn't actually happened to me yet, but I am sure it is dang fun for those of you who have.

23. When someone hands you free food: come to Momma.

24. Getting a Starbucks: You are now one step closer to becoming a gold member. (Jk this happened in 2014, but, hooray for getting another star).

25. Brushing your teeth at the end of the day: My shinny teeth and me (shinny teeth, shinny teeth).

26. When a new season of your favorite show is released on Netflix: "I will be in a cocoon the next 9 or so days".

27. Spontaneous road trips: "Can you get a picture of me with the sunset in the background?"

28. Football games: Booze, boys, and baking in the sun.

29. Tailgating football games: Wink wink.

30. PJ's: Who doesn't like to be cozy?

31. Long phone calls: Hit me up on that hotline bling.

32. Buying new makeup: "I might as well look up makeup tutorials for the rest of my Wednesday night".

33. Zooey Deschanel: Such a badass human, gotta love her.

34. Making new friends: "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE?"

35. Having a hot professor: You bet you'll catch me at office hours.

36. Discovering a new favorite restaurant: I'll just eat here until I get sick of it.

37. Reading a good book: "I must be Edgar Allan Poe or something".

38. Finding a parking spot right away: I cannot emphasize how fulfilling this is.

39. Looking at the stars on a clear night: You feel like everything in your life has suddenly come together.

40. Having a free Uber: This is so important. Few things compare.

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