The transition from high school to college can be a huge adjustment for students. So much happens in just four years, and the time goes by extremely fast. Here are four things that make college different than high school.

1. You Are Always With People

This applies mostly to residential students, but it also can apply to commuters. In high school, you may see friends, or people you have classes with when you are at school or in class. In college, however, you are with the same people ALL THE TIME. You are constantly surrounded by people who live on your floor, friends, or teammates because you all live together. The problems that come with living with friends is that constantly being around the same people can sometimes cause people to butt heads. In college, you usually live with the people you hang out with, and this is not always a bad thing. Living with friends is a good thing because you can spend as much time as you would like with your friends.

2. The Classes

College classes are much different from high school classes. In high school, classes usually involve lessons where a teacher takes time to go through specifically what you will be doing, and how to do each task. In college, you are already expected to know how to do whatever it is you are learning. College classes are generally lecture based, and do not involve much step-by-step learning about how to do whatever is being taught. Furthermore, homework in college usually involves reading that will be discussed in class. Worksheets and homework that is not essays or reading is more commonly seen in high school.

3. The Friendships

This relates to my first point about always being around the same people in college. Since you are always around the same people in college, friendships grow and become even stronger than friendships in high school. You can spend as much time with your friends as you would like in college, and stay up as late as you would like without your parents telling you to go to sleep.

4. Sleep

High school classes generally start around eight o'clock in the morning. College students, on the other hand, generally try to come up with a schedule that will allow them to avoid eight AMs at all cost. College students generally stay up very late in the evening and wake up very late in the morning. It is not uncommon for college students to stay up late, or even pull "all nighters" doing homework.