The 4 Roommate Archetypes Every Roomie In College Fits Into

Going off to college can be a new, fun and exciting experience. Of course, until it's time to get a roommate. Sure there is a chance that you'll be rooming with somebody you may know, but what about the unlucky people? To room with someone you don't know can't be that bad, right?

1.The Uptight Stickler

I understand that with a new roommate there are boundaries that should be set in stone, I get it, really I do. There's only so much your roommate can get away with. However, there are times when your roommate decides to act like your parents. These are the uptight stickler roommates. They will proceed to tell you lights go out at quiet hours, even on the weekends. What were you thinking about having company over? Well, you thought wrong, and who's that you're bringing in here from your night out? Better think again. It's constant nagging from the person like they're the boss of you. Trust me, they'll know if one thing is out of place, and if you give them attitude, it's a one-way trip to a meeting with your room advisor.

2. The Complete Slob

It smells horrible. There's trash all over on their side of the room, dirty clothes everywhere, just junk piled on top of other junk. Is this how this person used to live? The answer to that is yes, and you got unlucky and got stuck with the complete slob roommate. You might be saying, "Well, it's only their side of the room that's dirty. My side is clean." True, perhaps, but it still affects you too. You have to bear witness to the horrible smell every time you walk in. And do you think your friends would want to chill in a trashy room? Also, your roommate is a slob; if they have no respect for themselves and their belongings, what makes you think they will have respect for yours?

3. The Invisible

You see them for maybe the first week, a simple hello, goodbye, and maybe your name. After that, they are never to be seen again. It's not like they vanished or anything, you just don't see them around anymore. Maybe your sleep patterns aren't the same, or maybe they always crash at somebody else's place. Either way, at least you didn't have to pay extra for a single. Thanks, Invisible.

4. The IDGAF

This is honestly, in my opinion, the best roommate you could ever receive. As long as you two can agree not to be a pain and respect each other, everything is alright with you two. Sure you might have an argument once in a while, but they only last like two minutes at max and it blows over. The IDGAF is the chillest roommate you can have. Probability is they will be your first friend in college.

No matter what roommate you have, though, don't let them decide how your first year will go. That decision is all up to you.

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