​4 Tips On Surviving Your Weekend Class
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Student Life

​4 Tips On Surviving Your Weekend Class

You'll need more than motivation to get through class.

​4 Tips On Surviving Your Weekend Class

Now that classes are in full swing, we’re all getting used to our new schedules. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, it can be difficult to leave summer behind and concentrate on studying, again. In case you didn’t know, there are weekend classes available at Hunter.

Yes, that doesn’t sound exciting at all. Who would want to wake up early on a sunny Saturday to go to class? Well, it’s a great way to meet graduation requirements, a more relaxed environment and a lot of people opt to do this. If you’re taking your first-weekend class or you may consider it for next semester, here are four tips on surviving your weekend class.

1. Get some fuel.

Similar to classes that happen during the week, you’re going to need coffee, tea or even water to get through the almost three hours of learning. It’s safe to say that everyone in your class has one of these drinks on their desk helping them to stay up.

2. Wear comfortable clothes.

Hunter never seems to get the temperature correct inside the West building, which is where most classes happen. During the summer, it can get too cold and you’ll probably be shivering in your seat. And in the winter, it’s like a sauna with foggy windows. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes. This can be anything from comfy yoga pants, stretchy leggings, your favorite jeans, or simply bring a cardigan in your bag.

3. Get lost in the lecture.

Having a two hour and 40-minute class is definitely long. I’ve found myself constantly checking the time because I just wanted to go already. But this isn’t fun. Taking a weekend class takes patience and dedication. Your professor will most likely tell you not to have your phone out and I strongly advise you to listen. If you don’t have it right in front of you, it won’t be tempting to check the time every five minutes and eventually become impatient. Also, if there’s a wall clock, avert your eyes from it and concentrate on your professor. Time will fly by.

4. Vending machines will become your go-to.

Breaks, even ten-minute ones, seem heavenly during a long weekend class. But you probably won’t have time to go get a delicious burrito or slice of pizza. Instead of starving in your seat looking at food on Facebook, find the nearest vending machine and have a quick snack that will hold you over until class is over.

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