Being an introvert doesn't necessarily mean that you're shy or even that you can't have fun at big social events. It simply means that after a lot of interaction with people, you are drained and need to take time for yourself to recharge. If you don't, your attitude starts to take a serious hit and you get sassy/grumpy/angry towards people for no reason. Extroverted people are lucky enough to feel energized from a lot of interaction or stimulation, but for some of us, that's just not the case. So for every introvert out there, here are five times Ron Swanson said what we were all thinking when we were in desperate need for a recharge.

1. When someone asks you something but you're tired and not trying to talk to anyone. All day. Ever.


2. When someone says something stupid to you but you don't want to get confrontational.

3. When you have to go be social.

4. When you've had a long week of talking to people and you need to recharge.

5. When someone starts talking to you and you're just trying to get work done so you can go sleep.