Anyone who has rushed knows how stressful the process is. Going into every house, and having the same conversations until you come across the house that feels different. The one where you can actually see yourself living in one day, with girls you will eventually consider your sisters. After you find that certain house there’s only one thought, in your mind. When is bid day? The anticipation leading up to bid day is unbelievable, filled with sleepless nights and distraction. Here’s how you’ll feel on the start of your new life, in whichever sorority you choose.

1. Nerves

Although you may fall in love with a house, the hard truth is that they might not love you back. You may put a house down first, and end up in one that you ranked third. The process is hard, cruel and so random sometimes. The morning of getting your bid you will feel so anxious you won’t be able to function. Staying up all night tossing and turning, rethinking every conversation you had, thinking of things you could’ve done differently, I was there. I did it all. Although this sucks, there is nothing you can do about it, what’s done is done. The nerves are all worth it in the end.

2. Excitement

At Michigan, anyone who rushed and got a bid, was able to pick up their bids from 9AM-1PM on bid day. Obviously I was too excited to wait, so I got to the union at 845. It was packed with nervous girls, impatiently waiting on line to open their envelope. As I waited girls ran out crying tears of happiness, or screaming. Opening your bid and seeing those Greek letters on the paper is one of the most thrilling moments ever. Excitement would be an understatement, but a good way to describe it. Looking around for your friends seeing what they got, finally finding your place, it made the whole process worth it.

3. Overwhelming

After you get your bid, you get invited to the house to celebrate. As you walk up there will be what feels like a million older girls screaming, laughing, and singing. When approaching the girls, you’ll get bombarded with hugs, screams of excitement and names you probably won’t remember. It's stressful because you don’t know too many people, but of course have to get the perfect Instagram, so you go out and try to meet as many people as you can. You get added to group chats, get thrown information at you and feel totally and completely lost, but not for long.

4. Extreme Happiness

From the moment I opened my bid, to the moment I went to sleep, I had a smile on my face the whole day. Finding a place where people love you, trust you, and accept you, is nearly impossible. Walking into a house with over 100 strangers is frightening, but leaving that house with over 100 sisters is the reason why we put ourselves through the stress of recruitment. Although rush may be exhausting at some points, the end result is the validation. Walking into recruitment with friends, but leaving with lifelong sisters, trust me, it's worth it.