So we've all heard of Trump's wall by now. It's become quite controversial for many reasons and one of those reasons the cost required to actually build it. A lot of experts are estimating an approximate minimum of about 15 billion dollars for just the materials needed to build the wall. This seems like a bit of a waste of money to me and I'd like to propose 5 different things we should use that money for instead. Take note Congress.

1. Ice Cream

Everyone loves ice cream so let's buy everyone ice cream instead. If we take an average price of Blue Bell 1/2 gallon of vanilla ice cream ($6) and divide 15 billion by it, we can buy 2 and half billion 1/2 gallon containers. Divide this by America's population of 325 million (rounded up), then everyone in America could receive 7 containers of ice cream. Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

2. iPads

An average price listed for an 9.7-Inch iPad Pro is $600. You may notice that that is just two more digits than the previous entry and as such we get 2 digits less in our answer. Our 2 and half billion becomes 25 million which means not everyone can get an iPad. You could donate them to schools, hospitals, charities or other organizations that could greatly benefit from this technology. Alternatively, you could host a lottery where 25 million lucky people have the chance to win an iPad.

3. NASA Funding

Giving NASA money would help tremendously with space exploration and finding out more about our place in the universe. Even cooler though, are the inventions that come about while conduction said research. For example, memory foam and cochlear hearing aides were made possible by discoveries/innovation made by NASA. The point is, more money means more cool inventions the average consumer gets to use. Maybe then we could invent an actual hover board like in Back to the Future.

4. Disease Research

I want to end with an actual serious suggestion. A few summers ago the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge helped raise over 100 million dollars for ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. 77 million went to research and that newly funded research help uncover a gene related to ALS that was previously unknown. Imagine millions more in funding and how much more we can learn, not only for ALS, but other diseases. Personally I think something like this would prove more helpful to America in the long run.

But low key, maybe you could put the money towards this and save enough so everyone can still get one 1/2 gallon container of ice cream. Just a suggestion.