1. I Am More Than "Quiet."

I am intensely focused on what I am doing. Because I am so intently focused, I am very passionate about the work I perform and the hobbies I participate in. I am observing things going on around me and within me. I notice how people are acting, I notice when things change around me; maybe more so than others do. I am very aware of my feelings circulating within me, and I deeply ponder them to find their meaning.

2. I Am One of the BEST Friend You Will Ever Have.

I do not let people into my life easily, and when it comes to choosing friends I am very particular. I do not become friends with you simply because of your likes or dislikes, the way you dress, or any surface level quality. I have carefully chosen you because I see deeper qualities within you that draw me to want a friendship with you. If I choose you as a friend, I will be unconditionally supportive in all you do and be fiercely loyal in our friendship.

3. I Know How To Listen.

If you need someone to vent to that won't interrupt what you're saying, I'm your person. I will hear you out. I will let you go from start to finish, no matter how long it may take. If you don't want me to respond, I don't have to respond. But if I do give you advice, know that my response has been thoughtfully considered, and I have thought about the topic from every angle and not just my point of view. So maybe it would smart to listen what an introvert has to say.

4. I Am Okay With Me.

As stated before, I am always observing, processing, and deeply understanding what is going on around me and within me. Because of this, odds are I will know myself and I will understand myself better than anyone else. Just because I am not as outgoing as some people doesn't mean I need someone to change how I am. Don't try to force me out of my "comfort zone." I like me. I understand who I am as a person on a different level than most, and I like who I am. So as an introvert, I need you to accept me, not change me.