4 Steps To Having The Best Birthday Of Your Life
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4 Steps To Having The Best Birthday Of Your Life

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4 Steps To Having The Best Birthday Of Your Life
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Even if you might not like receiving a lot of attention, everyone deserves to be celebrated at least once a year. Fortunately, having a birthday is the perfect excuse for throwing a good party. It is one of those inevitable occasions that can be either downplayed or exaggerated. Whether you’re a wallflower or socialite, you can create the perfect birthday celebration with just a few simple suggestions.

1. Start simple.

No matter how amazing we imagine celebrating our birthdays, sometimes our fantasies just can’t meet the reality. However, if you start the celebrations early and use baby steps, you might just create the birthday of your dreams. Even if the world can’t really stop for your birthday, you can at least find happiness in the little things. Start with a birthday muffin or cake pop, because this is just the beginning. Maybe hold a lunch break party with classmates and coworkers in case the day isn’t as festive as you had hoped. As long as you start strong and infuse little birthday celebrations into the entire day, you will look back to it with a smile.

2. Select a theme.

This step applies strictly to the party. If you look forward to the social celebrations more than the birthday itself, you might as well make it the best party of the year. To make this one a day or night to remember until your next birthday, consider all potential party themes, no matter how silly or complicated they might seem. Whether you plan a masquerade or Gatsby party or just narrow it down to specific colors, having a larger-than-life party can guarantee that your birthday celebration will be a hit. If you’re hesitant about the costs, include the fancy decorations and accessories in the budget or ask for the party instead of gifts. In exchange, the festivities become a fantastic group gift you will remember all year.

3. Indulge your way.

Give yourself a guilt-free birthday this year and look away for once. After all, your birthday should be the perfect time for indulging in all your cravings. Holding yourself to a sugar-free diet? Take that extra slice of chocolate cake. If no other time out of the entire year, let your birthday be your cheat day. Similarly, if you’re over the legal drinking age, splurge on that ridiculously priced but bedazzled bottle of champagne. Heck, hang a piñata or host an old-fashioned slumber party. Relive your childhood and check as much off of your wish list as you possibly can.

4. Stretch it out.

Speaking of childhood, remember when you might have gotten a party at school with cupcakes for all the class then the real party with your family? If you would rather celebrate your birthday multiple times throughout the day or even week rather than only once, consider having a small gathering for every group in your life. Take a trip down memory lane with your closest loved ones then let your friends toast to you as the perfect end to birthday festivities. If one party is more time-consuming and stressful than you need, there are also ways to stretch out your birthday through the entire year. Instead of the usual cluster of gifts this year, consider tickets to a performance or other activity, even if it’s months away.

Whatever you decide, just make sure to spend the time celebrating and creating the birthday bash you deserve.

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