Eight Signs You Are From Georgia
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Eight Signs You Are From Georgia

Georgia Peaches, this is for you.

Eight Signs You Are From Georgia

This past summer, I spent six weeks in Los Angeles, Calif., a completely different environment from where I am used to living. I am from Columbus, Ga., which is one hour and 30 minutes south of Atlanta, and everywhere I went in California it was very obvious to the citizens that I was not West Coast born and bred.

For example, I once visited a grocery store and asked the cashier, "Where are the buggies?" The cashier politely replied, "I'm sorry, ma'am, but we don't sell buggies at this store." I laughed and recalled that many people in other regions of the country do not know what a "buggy" is, so I had to give her the proper term. I repeated my question in a different manner: "I apologize, ma'am, I meant to ask where are the shopping carts?" She laughed and guided me to where the shopping carts were located, but did not hesitate to say to me, "You must be from the South, I can tell by your accent and the way you act." I told her I was and continued our conversation about my hometown.

What is it that immediately gives off to people when I travel that I am from the South? How do they know so well? After spending my time in California, I found the eight signs that showed I am a Georgia Peach.

8. There is a road named after Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in every city.

Dr. King was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and his legacy and the difference he made in our country will live on forever. He is literally one of our favorite people, and to show it, there are streets, boulevards, courts, and roads named after the icon. It is so common in our state to do this, other states and cities have decided to do the same thing. But we won't let you forget where it all began.

7. Everything is right around the corner.

"Hey, where is the store?"

Georgia resident, "Oh it's not far, it's right around the corner!"

30 minutes later when you reach your destination...

"I thought you said it was right around the corner?"

Georgia resident, "Sorry, I must have exaggerated a bit!"


Basically, if a Georgia resident tells you something is right around the corner, prepare to be on the road for MAYBE 45 minutes.

6. We are never going anywhere, We are "fixing" to go somewhere.

Grammar is one of the last thing on our minds when we are speaking to someone. "Fixing" is one of those words that just sounds right to us. Many may be confused, but you know what we are trying to say. We try our best to make our sentences as complete and understandable as possible, but in the end, we really do not care as long as we get our message across.

5. Homemade Peach Cobbler is the universal Sunday Dessert.

Georgia is the Peach State; where the Peach Cobbler is made best. On a Sunday, we may be busy with Church, cleaning the house or maybe even some shopping. It gets so hectic, we look forward to sitting down and just having a good meal. Grandma ALWAYS makes it best, when she heats it up and puts a scoop of vanilla Ice Cream, its almost better than winning a scratch-off lottery ticket at the gas station.

4. Grits is a typical entree for a Georgia breakfast.

Oh, grits, how I love you so! It tastes the best when you put in the right amount of butter and salt and sprinkle just a little bit of grated cheddar cheese on top to add its flavor. What are grits, you may ask? Make a special trip to Paula Deen's The Lady and Sons in Savannah, or maybe even my grandmother's house to find out. But other than that, the secret will not be revealed by any Southerner.

3. Sweet Tea is never sweet enough.

I hate going to fancy restaurants and events where tea is the only beverage that is offered. It literally tastes like water straight out of the faucet to me, so I immediately ask for at least three or four bags of sugar to sweeten it, and I am not afraid to ask for more. The comparison of sweetness that I expect from my normal glass of tea is the amount of sweetness that is in a normal pitcher of Kool-Aid. How's that for a sweet treat?

2. A cold Coca-Cola is a remedy for anything.

Being from Georgia, I never cease to remind citizens that Coca-Cola comes from my state, and I must have at least one a day to continue functioning. When it's hot outside, Coca-Cola is my best friend. When finals is taking the best of me, I hear that Coca-Cola calling my name. When I am tired from working a 10-hour shift at the grocery store where 75 percent of the customers demand more than what my job description asks of me, I drink a Coca-Cola and my problems soon go away.

1. Georgia is literally on your mind.

Ray Charles' hit song "Georgia on My Mind" will always be one of my favorite songs, because it explains how Georgia has had to rise up and become the capital of the south. From peach cobbler to fried chicken, and from Outkast to T.I., Georgia never ceases to amaze the world through food, music and our rich history. Every time I was in California and I noticed something that even slightly compared to Georgia, I had to speak it into existence.

We have some of the top musicians and media outlets based right here in Georgia. Some of your favorite movies have been filmed here, proving that Georgia is a place everyone wants to be. No matter where I go or where I plan to continue my life, I will always be a proud Georgia Peach.

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