4 Things You Can Do To End The Semester As Strong As You Started It
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4 Things You Can Do To End The Semester As Strong As You Started It

When you can't procrastinate any longer.

4 Things You Can Do To End The Semester As Strong As You Started It
Oliur Rahman

So spring break just ended and you've realized finals are approaching faster than you'd like. Sure you can stay in your summer state of mind, or you can buckle down and get those grades you know you deserve. It may take a little extra effort and maybe an extra iced coffee here and there, but good grades are on the horizon. Plus, finals means one step closer to graduation and summer!

1. Know what needs to get done.

This should be a no-brainer but it is very necessary. I like to fill out a calendar so I can see when everything is due so I can properly prioritize. Being me, I also color code for each class and check off when I complete a task. Once you establish what you need to get done you can now evaluate how and when you are going to complete each task.

2. Set time aside to get big assignments done.

The end of a college semester spells big assignment. Whether it's a final paper or a portfolio worth 20% of your grade, big assignments can make or break your grade. In order to do well, it is essential to set time aside to work on that project solely. By putting all your energy in one project at a time, you allow yourself to reach your full potential. However, do not wait until the last minute! Find some time you have available early on and buckle down. If this seems too daunting try going to a different setting to work on the project. I reserve the library as a space that I work on large projects. By doing this I train my brain to associate the library with productivity. It sounds like a stretch but I promise it helps.

3. Take good notes.

So the final rolls around and you have no clue what to study because you have no notes to look over. Taking good notes all semester long allows you to have an easy study guide for the final. Also, keep your notes for a class all in one place so you can actually find them when you need them. Last but not least, do not be afraid to draw or use diagrams in your notes. Your notes are for you, so use strategies that will work for your studying. For example, I am a very visual learner, therefore I use diagrams and sketches that might not look the best to someone else but they help me better understand the material covered.

4. Find motivation.

I know it's hard to find the will to type what seems like your 500th assignment for the class but just remember future you will be thankful you did. The worse thing is looking back and thinking 'I wish I tried harder,' so do not allow yourself to regret the effort you are putting in now. I sometimes try rewarding myself for hard work with a nice dinner out with friends or buying something I have been wanting for a while. Sometimes I have to force myself to do work by locking myself in my room with nothing but my laptop. Either way gets the job done. Good grades will pay off, I promise!

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