4 Reasons To Stay In On Halloween Night
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4 Reasons To Stay In On Halloween Night

Forget about the scary clowns.

4 Reasons To Stay In On Halloween Night

The scariest night is upon us, once again. Halloween officially marks the beginning of fall. Houses are decked out in spooky decorations. The wind gusts are become brisker and you can't go a block without stepping on crunchy leaves.

People of all ages come up with creative costume ideas and go out to enjoy themselves with candy or drinks. Although it can be a fun night, it isn't for everyone and that's OK. Here are a few reasons to enjoy a night in on Halloween night:

1. You won’t have to worry about dressing up.

It’s that time of that year again when you’re scrambling to come up with a last minute costume. But if you decide to stay in, you won’t have to fuzz over that. Despite the great outfits people put together, the cold weather is something we can’t escape in New York during this time. Luckily, you won’t have to decide whether wearing that great skirt is worth feeling cold the rest of the night.

2. There will be great scary movies on TV.

If you’re like me, Halloween night is the perfect time to binge watch classic scary movies or new films. The thrill of getting scared and then laughing at the silly moment is something I enjoy doing. After all, it’s in our nature to love horror movies, so why not indulge in it for one full night?

3. You can eat all the candy you want while you wait for trick-or-treaters.

Halloween is probably the only night people aren’t thinking about cavities. Children of all ages are running around collecting candy from delis, grocery stores, salons and even residential homes. But in case you live in a home that doesn’t attract many trick-or-treaters, you can pass the time by having some candy yourself. Plus, there’s always the next day candy sale to look forward to.

4. Scary clowns won't be able to get you.

The growing trend has caused sort of an epidemic in the United States. There have been several sightings of strangers dressing up as scary clowns and frightening people. Articles have been written about this new phenomenon which will definitely be amplified on Halloween. But you won’t have to run away from scary clowns if you decide to enjoy a night in with a warm blanket and candy.

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