4 Reasons Nieces Are The Best
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4 Reasons Nieces Are The Best

because you finally learn what true love is.

4 Reasons Nieces Are The Best

I don't know about you but my nieces are my best friends, my go-to gals, and the all-around loves of my life.

Here are 4 reasons why Nieces are the best thing in this world.

1. You Get To Spoil Them

Since they aren’t necessarily your kids, you don’t have to worry about disciplining then so you can just spoil them rotten.

2. They can be your best friends

They love you almost as much as they love their own parents. And they will look up to you and think everything you do is amazing.

3. You finally learn what true love is

I don't care what anyone says. The only people you will love more than your nieces are your own children. There is no love like the love of an aunt and niece.

4. They’re down to do pretty much anything 

All they want is to hang out with you. It doesn’t matter where or how. They will do whatever you want them to whenever.

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